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My Father Gershon Jacobson & Jewish Journalism

In Tribute to his 10th Yartzeit, Simon and YY Jacobson Discuss their Father's Career as a Yiddish Journalist for Half-a-Century

58 min

Class Summary:

This radio show, with Simon and YY Jacobson, was broadcast on Motzaei Shabbos, 20 Iyar 5775, May 9, 2015. In honor of his tenth yartzeit, two children paid tribute to their father. Gershon Jacobson, and his career as a Yiddish journalist for 50 years, and editor of the Algemeiner Journal.

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  • ל

    לוין -8 years ago

    I just heard a replay of your show on your father ע"ה and enjoyed it very much. As one who worked very closely and was very friendly with him I can attest to everything you said about him as a very accurate description of him. I would sum him up in one word: he was UNIQUE. Although I could add more attributes to his personality that you did not elaborate, nevertheless, there was one feature of his that was glaringly omitted and that is he had an extraordinary and sophisticated SENSE OF HUMOR.

    If I ever get around to write my biography I will certainly have a chapter entitled “זאכען און געששענישן וועגען דעם מענטש גרשון יעקובסון

    Let me just conclude with one tidbit (that I might have once told Simon) that I heard first hand from Rabbi Simcha Elberg. As you mentioned his articles were very active in the sense that they would make others very active either by smiling, cursing and very frequently angry. Many times Rabbi Elberg would release his anger and grievances to me about an article that your father wrote that week. One time he told me that he had met with the Rebbe and mentioned his grievances he had towards your father. The Rebbe told him:

    הרב עלברג, דאס איז דעם ערשטן מאהל וואס עס איז דא א במה וואו מען קען שרייבען וועגן תורה און אידישקייט ניט געשטערטערהייט. אפילו אין די פרומע צייטונגען אין אירופה האט מען נישט געקענט שרייבן פריי ווי מען קען אין אלגעמיינער זשורנאל."

    I miss your father very much יהי זכרו ברוך

    אברהם שמואל לוין

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    • א

      א"ש -8 years ago

      כוונת רבינו היתה מאד ברורה וכפי שציינת שכל העיתונים לא נתנו להכניס משהו שלא תואם הקו שלהם אבל האלגעמיינער הכניס גם דברים שהיו נגד הקו של אביך ואפילו נגד ליובאוויטש (רק שאח"כ אביך הי' שוטף אותו בעטו המושחז (משא"כ שאר העיתונים בכלל לא היו מכניסים משהו אם זה נגד הקו שלהם אפילו שיש להם האפשרות לשטוף אותו מראשו ועד רגלו אח"כ).

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  • A

    Avi -9 years ago

    He was a household name when I was growing up.... and it was nice to hear how you spoke about him so beautifully.... and I loved the way you dealt with talking about any controversy he had (I never knew about that)... you're a class act!

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  • Y

    Yaakov -9 years ago

    amazing photo!!!!!!!!

    ur father is very proud of u - bist ah mikusher tzum tatten - today's generation have NO idea....CHAZAK u'boruch

    ur father's neshomo should have an aliya etc' etc'

    simon mentioned it in his piece last week ..

    this is what i commented to him..

    "...20th iyar the beginning of his next journey. .

    Agav the hayom yom of 20 etc
    Contains the toras keys to lead a successful life. .
    In business
    In everything
    For an ish matzliach
    Remain focused and with the right approach and attitude
    You will successfully carry through your aims etc

    No two people translate
    Ibernemen zich alike
    Another remez to your father a"h
    It needs the interpretation of a yidishist who knows what he's talking about
    To prove conclusively
    How the word is used
    And therefore what it means. .

    No other word in the entire sefer
    Is unique in that way. .


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  • A

    anonymous -9 years ago

    Please share the story of when your father went to Egypt and the Rebbe told him several points one of which was to make many calls to high ranking diplomats.

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    • RYJ

      Rabbi YY Jacobson -9 years ago

      I will in the right time Beizer Hashem. Hard to cover it all in one show...

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Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • May 9, 2015
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  • 20 Iyyar 5775
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