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Day #2: What Gorbachev Told One Grateful Russian Jew

“Your Life Is My Autograph”

Class Summary:

Chanukah - a Video a Day 2

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    Faramarz -4 years ago

    I want to thank you for Day#2 video. It was so special. Not only it was so touching, but because HaShem planned the whole sequence of events for what was about to occur the next day (Tuesday). My Chanukah Miracle :
    Tonight as I was leaving Kollel, I saw a not so young lady coming to the Kollel parking lot with a dog. She asked me do you have a menorah? I said no, but if you wait here I will go get one for you. I drove home fast and grabbed one of the many kindergarten channukiahs from our Chanukah box, with a set of candles. When I returned, I was so happy that she was still waiting. I said to her, here take it, she said with tears in her eyes I want to light right here. I asked her, why not at home? She said I am all alone, can you please light it for me? I asked a few questions to make sure she is Jewish. Then I helped her say the brachah and she lit the candles. Her face turned to a smile. You had to be there to see it! You could “see” her neshama revived like the bright light of the candles.

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  • M

    Maxim -4 years ago

    Hi Rabbi Jacobson,

    I would like to say that I love watching your videos and you are a person that I dream to meet in person one day IYH. My name is Menachem Krashunsky, My name wasn't always Menachem it use to be Maxim Krashunsky, I got this name when I met an incredible Shliach by the name Moshe Levin in Los Angeles he thought me how to put on Teffilin and asked if I had a Hebrew name and I said that I never got one and he told me that the Rebbe would say to pick a name that is similar to yours Maxim Menachem both start and end with an M, So he said what do you think of the name Menachem Mendel, so we chose this name and I had an Aliyah the next Shabbos and I got the name. 2 weeks later My Great Grandmother without me telling her I chose this name, tells me how the last Frum person in our family was her grandfather and my 3x Great grandfather and his name was... Menachem Mendel!

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  • ST

    Sofya Tamarkin -4 years ago

    Sonia (Sofya) Tamarkin is grateful for making this story public


    I think that when Gorbachev said this statement to an insignificant audience member on that day, he had no idea how Hashem will develop this idea. It took over 10 years for us to meet and to discuss this increadible comment. Many times we have no idea how our words impact the world around us. We can count the seeds in the apple but can never count how many apples might grow from each seed. 

    Thank you for sharing my story 

    Sonia *Sofya Tamarkin 

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    • Anonymous -1 year ago

      A jew is never insignificant :) 

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  • H

    Henya -4 years ago


    Rabbi Jacobson, you not only bring light into the world, you make it possible for others to create their own light. 

    And then that person's light ignites another light and that person lights another flame and that person lights another flame...

    One day Rabbi Jacobson, all the flames of the Jewish souls will be lit and you will be a big part of why that happens. 

    I greatly appreciate your passion, your love for another Jew and how you are using the gift that G-d has bestowed upon you. 

    Thank you for all your words.

    Happy Chanukah.

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  • R

    Rachel -4 years ago

    You always inspire us in such a rich way. In your Divine message you always add history, interesting facts and fascinating stories. You enrich us in all kinds of ways. Thank you so much for the videos.

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  • RA

    Reb Aharon -4 years ago

    Rabbi Jacobson - chazak v'baruch.

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  • מ

    מעריצים -4 years ago

    איפה הם השיעורים שאמר כבוד הרה"ג המשפיע שליט"א בביקורו בארה"ק?

    הייתי מאוד שמח אם אפשר לשים על האתר השיעורים שאמר כבוד הרה"ג המשפיע שליט"א בביקורו בארה"ק בימי חג הגאולה יט כסלו העעל"ט, ישנם די מאזינים שמבינים עברית.

    א פרייליכן חנוכה!

    יישר כח

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  • T

    Tzvi -4 years ago


    Amazing story. Thanks for sharing 

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