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Moshe Pleads the Fifth

Did the Daughters of Tzelafchad Use Their Fathers Position on Korach as Clout

35 min

Class Summary:

When the Daughters of Tzelafchad come to Moshe and ask for their inheritance, it says that Moshe forgot the halacha. Rashi explains that there were two reasons for this 1) He forgot. 2) Hashem wanted that the halacha should come through the Daughters of Tzelofchod. The Rebbe has 5 questions on this Rashi.

A)  his isn’t the first time that moshe forgot a halach, all the other times we assume Moshe wasn’t taught yet. Why here do we have to say he knew it and then forgot it?

B)  Here is the only place that Rashi brings down the reason why Moshe wasn’t taught the halacha yet (he wanted that the halacha should come through the Daughters of Tzelafchad)?

C)   Why does Rashi feel the need to quote the words “Es Mishpotom”  

D)   By the story of Pesach Sheini we only bring the second answer in Rashi, why here does Rashi feel the need to bring both?

E)   Why does Rashi feel that one of the answers isn’t good enough to answer this question why the need for both answers?

This text based class explores the nature of circumstances surrounding this event. This clarifies the reasoning behind this story.

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    Likkutei Sichos Pinchas

    Rabbi YY Jacobson

    • June 23, 2015
    • |
    • 6 Tamuz 5775
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