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The Laws of ‘Squeezing’ On Shabbos -- Part 1

“Jews and Juices:” Can I squeeze lemon juice onto my fish?

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Class Summary:

“Jews and Juices:” Can I squeeze lemon juice onto my fish?

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  • M

    Michale -12 years ago

    "Socking" question
    Hello, Rabbi,

    I did not get clear "picture" about can we or not to sock / squeeze juice from pomegranate on Shabbat after putting its seeds to a mouth. The same question for grapes (some people do not eat cover from grapes).

    Thank you.

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  • י

    יצחק -12 years ago

    למה יש איסור סחיטה בשבת

    כבוד הרב וויינבערג שליט"א,

    לא הבנתי, אם סחיטה הוי כמו "לקחת לו גוי מקרב גוי" דיציאת מצרים, כמו הוצאת העובר מבטן אמו, תלת גו תלת, אז הי' צריך להיות היתר ואולי גם חיוב סחיטה בשבת, שהרי שבת הוא זכר ליציאת מצרים? ואם כן על ידי סחיטה הרי הוא עושה זכר להוצאת עם ישראל ממצרים?!

    ואולי כי שבת הוא זכר ליציאת ממצרים שכבר היתה בעבר, היינו, שבשבת כבר יצא ממצרים, ואין מקום לפעולת היציאה, סחיטה, ממצרים. שבת הוא הנפעל דיצי"מ ולא הפעולה דצי"מ. אבל הא גופא טעמא בעי.

    גם רציתי לבקש המקור לביאור כת"ר, דזהו ענין הסחיטה בשבת.

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  • I

    Isaac -12 years ago

    What Do You Think of This Story?
    Regarding squeezing oranges on Shabbat, I read an incident that occurred to Harav Ovadia Yosef Shlit”a. When he was about twenty-three years old, he would lecture publicly in the holy city of Jerusalem. He was once teaching the laws of squeezing on Shabbat and he taught the audience that one may be careful not to squeeze oranges on Shabbat. Suddenly, a wise man rose and shouted that this is completely permitted and he had already done so many times.

    Additionally, he claimed that he had squeezed oranges on Shabbat and offered this juice to Hageonim Harav Shalom Hedaya and Harav Yeshua Palagi and they said nothing to him. Maran Harav Shlit”a answered him that he cannot learn out the correct Halacha from the fact that these great Rabbis did not protest his actions, for they were surely occupied with Torah matters and most probably did not realize what he was doing, for it is a simple Halacha that if a fruit is squeezed for its juice in even one place in the world, one may not squeeze it on Shabbat anywhere else in the world as well.

    Maran Harav Shlit”a said this over in front of Hagaon Harav Yaakov Ades zt”l and the latter responded that his words are good and correct. Other great Torah scholars from Jerusalem also agreed with Maran Harav Shlit”a.

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    • RLW

      Rabbi L. Wineberg -12 years ago

      Re: What Do You Think of This Story?
      While I appreciate the story of this exchange between the sages, it illustrates  the principle that "One does not derive halacha from an incident".

      I find it difficult to understand why Harav Yosef would classify oranges as fruit which are squeezed "someplace in the world" -In fact many species of oranges are grown for drinking their juice than for eating their fruit.

      Some of the factual details of the story also need checking out: When Harav Yosef was 23 the date was 1944. In Israel at that time it would have been unusual to find orange juice that was not freshly squeezed. It therefore is highly unlikely that the aforesaid rabbis woluld have accepted juice on Shabbat without inquiring whether it had been squeezed before Shabbat "because they were occupied with Torah matters".

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