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Maamar Vayigash 5725 #1: No Prayer Goes Unanswered

The Awesome Experience of Davening

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Class Summary:

Maamar Vayigash 5725 - Class 1. This discourse is unique in the aspect that it emphasizes the advantage of prayer over all else including Torah. When one davens, first of all they are the one doing the work, second of all they are sacrificing themselves to God. As a consequence the effect they have is to lose themselves in godliness, and to raise godliness to the level of the essence of God. This is in contrast to Torah where the learner is simply bringing down the light of God. So God is giving him the light, and this life is being brought into his personality and ego and does not involve sacrifice of his form.

Now because prayer involved this enormous sacrifice and unity with God, the consequence is that is brings godliness down in the kind of way that actually physically changes the world. This phenomena that through a religious practice does a physical change in the world is unique to prayer.

The issue is however that   though  prayer has an effect on changing the world you see the effect in the world but you don't see that that effective godly.

He says that's when we say אדני שפתי תפתך... תהלתך which is interpreted by the ת"י as an allusion to תורה he learns from this that when we pray with the assistance of God Almighty as the he is the one doing the praying. Then not only does the pair of change the physical world but it's revealed in the world that the prayer is godly.

One of the ancillary ideas this class includes is the concept that there's no such thing as a prayer that goes on answered it is only that sometimes we have to wait for its effect to be revealed.

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    Yossi Paltiel

    • December 29, 2015
    • |
    • 17 Tevet 5776
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    Dedicated by The Chanin Fund in loving memory of Nadiv Dovber ben Uzi Kehati

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