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Torah Or Vayigash #4: The Tragedy of Yeravam Ben Nevat

Three Steps in a Relationship: Surrender, Passion, and Oneness. When Objectivity Is A Trap.

2 hr 52 min

Class Summary:

3 Steps in a Relationship: Surrender, Passion, and Oneness. When Objectivity Is A Trap.

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  • I

    Itche -5 years ago

    s there a tsad hashove between 

    "tofsoy bebegdoy" Hashem to Yerovom

    and "tofsoy bebegdoy" Patifar wife and Yosef


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  • I

    Itche -5 years ago

    last few minutes of shiur

    just an idea came to mind

    as u explained the difference between Rochovom and Yerovom 

    corruption of Yehuda (bitul) and corruption Yosef (growth)

    to some extend Tzar Alexandr (Russia) is more like Rochovom and Napoleon is more like Yerovom

    Alter Rebbe  supported Russia while other Chasidim of Mazriche Maggid supported Napoleon   

    let me know what u think

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  • OS

    Odom Silverstein -7 years ago

    a summary:
    Like a cedar tree tall and strong
    My life is an expression of my song
    Constant growth higher ever still
    Expressing my passion my deep inner will
    All of my talents all of my dreams
    Form the walls made of tall cedar beams
    My sanctuary a place for Hashem to rest
    Built on drawing out from in my best
    Yet some days are bleak my passion does wane
    Sometimes I must push through darkness and pain
    And that is when the yoke of heaven I bear
    Mistakenly translated by many as fear
    In reality an awareness, there’s a mission at hand
    And that is when from myself I demand
    Subservience to the goal to the values I know true
    The core of my being what makes me a Jew.
    And even when I am strong growing taller than tall
    I must stay controlled lest I tumble and fall,
    And self-actualization self-worship does become
    As we have seen with our king Yeravum.
    Yet there is a goal even higher than full expression of me
    On that great awesome day when all will see
    That I can be all of me and not be at all
    Like a limb to a mind heeding a call
    I perform with passion mighty and strong
    No longer as a singer but as an instrument of song
    The building built from this place is one that will endure
    Strong steady stones silent and secure
    Two kings become one in unity at last
    Disparity and dispersion a thing of the past
    Hashem is one and that oneness will be no longer be concealed
    May we speedily merit seeing it revealed.

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Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • January 16, 2017
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  • 18 Tevet 5777
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