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Can You Just Let Go?

How Much of Your Life Is Comprised of Cover-Ups?

1 hr 41 min

Class Summary:

Torah Or Vaeira Maamar Vayomer Elokim: The Staff & the Snake. Can You Just Let Go? How Much of Your Life Is Comprised of Cover Ups?

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    Yisroel -6 years ago

    Am i really me ?????

    Lechvoid Harav Shlita

    I'm 43 years old a husband and a father of 9 Gezunta Ehrlicher children BS"D,

    and for the 1st time I "think" i have discoverd "myself".

    It's just so scary that only at such an age did you enlighten me to such clear message.

    Even though i'm a person that doesn't care what the world thinks of me (i do what i have to do)

    The excuses, lying and cover ups plays a big role in my life.

    thank you and thank you again 


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    • A

      Alan -4 years ago

      This world we grow up in is more balanced than Tohu. I am and I think everyone I know is part of what you feel guilty of anywa. We are grateful to learn and have more meaning and understanding from this. We need to fix things we will love the Kiddusha of honesty and truth. It's organic it's perfect.  Its not about what we weren't and we didn't Know.

      Your the father of nine children you were amazing before and you'll be more amazing now. Hashem should bless you and your family and bring you only goodness.

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Torah Or Vaeira Vayomer Elokim #1

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • January 25, 2017
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  • 27 Tevet 5777
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