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24 Teves 5778 Fabrengen

How the Alter Rebbe's Teachings Can Heal Our Generation

3 hr 41 min

Class Summary:

This kumzitz farbrengen, in honor of Chaf-Daled Teves, 24 of Teves, the 205th yartziet of the Baal HaTanya, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, the Alter Rebbe (1745-1812), with Rabbi YY Jacobson, took place in Monsey, NY, on Thursday, the eve of 24 Teves, 5778, January 10, 2018.

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  • Anonymous -6 years ago

    Rabbi Your Amazing

    Rabbi you are litterly saving my life, i enjoy all your lectures, this fabreng is a hit, it kicks it all off, and with your wonderfull explenation, nothing could be better!

    Keep going you're saving thousand of current and future life's!



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  • Anonymous -6 years ago


    כל התוכן היה מדהים, גם המאמר איך שהאדמו"ר הזקן לוקח נושא יסודי ביותר על פי דעת של רובם ככולם שרובם עושים מזה עניין כזה גדול ועצום, והוא כדרכו בקודש מפרק את זה בעדינות, ברוגע, בפשטות (יחסית ) ברגישות ובחכמה ונותן תיקון פשוט. 
    ומבטיח בכמה מילים, 
    "וכשתנהג אדם ע"ד הנ"ל הוא תיקון לפגם ברית וכו'
    וממשיך, "אבל ע"ד הנ"ל לא יפול הנופל כלל וכו'"
    כמו"כ הסיפור עם בנו והתינוק שנפל זה אומר כ"כ הרבה. 
    הייתה שם ווארעמקייט והיימישקייט יחודי מאוד מאוד, 
    וכמובן הפשטות שלך והנאמנות להוביל את הקבוצה, להעביר את המסרים האמיתיים, ולהצית את האש, הוא כ"כ אותנטי ופשוט.

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  • A

    A -6 years ago

    24 Teves

    In my simple understanding of the difference between a farbrengin and a shiur (if this isn't fully true for those attending it certainly is for those listening-i.e. sans lechaim and the emotions that come with proximity) is the wow moment. Or in Chasideshe oisios something mit vos tzu davenin.

    I am still in middle but my wow moment of your 24 Teves farbrengin is the vort from Reb Baruch of Mezibush on חודו של מחט אין    פתחיהם שווים

    and the Rebbe's explanation of just give me five minutes. If I may add did you ever try to thread a needle? it's not something to be done while your phone is vibrating!!

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  • T

    Terry -6 years ago

    24 Teves t778 Fabrengen

    Dear Rabbi Jacobson,  there is much that I am taking away from this Fabrengen..here are a few of the ideas/quotes that I will continue to think about: if you are really connected to God you will always hear the cry of a child; the "aim" of Chassidism is to bring in life energy and to illuminate everything even that which is not good;all the implications of making kiddish where you eat; to light your own fire within with study and understanding.  

    What has perhaps made the most profound impact was,the notion of the divine fire not destdoying the thorns and all of the imivations stemming from that....i actually had a visual which helps me to think about this.  I see tallitot as symbolizing the Divine Fire covering our bodies which represent the animal nature.

    Thank you.

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  • M

    Mendel -6 years ago

    Amazing Shiur Approx 10 Minutes Into Video

    Rabbi YY 

    Thank you for the illuminating Ma'amer of the Ba'al Hatanya

    While it is awe inspiring for many reasons and at different levels - there are a few points that touched me in a profound way. 

    The recognition of the NEFESH HABAHAMIS  ( our base instincts) is not only acknowleged, but in fact is validated from the point of view of the GUF - our body.  The Alter Rebbe goes so far as to say (if i understood correctly) that from the GUF perspective one would wonder why there aren't Tayvehs.

    it is only through this deep recognition that transformation takes root. 

    What I understood - was a clear distinction between logical man and emotional man.  Included in emotion are the drives and attractions that in whole or part that are not understood by logical/intellectual man.  

    (it is noteworthy that this was written long before therapy or even Freud existed).

    From there, The alter Rebbe, having validated emotional man - with all his faults and shortcomings - explains that Hashem is with us in that very emotional realm, and much the same way that we have an emotional gravitational force that we are drawn to -- there is an emotional (in the sense that logical/intellectual man may not fully or even partially understand) pull toward our spiritual essence.

    To the extent that most Yeshiva studies and thereby the way Torah and thereby Judaism is taught centers on logical/intellectual man, emotional man is left out in the cold.

    That is the importance of this shiur, that spirituality and Hashem reside in exert influence in emotional man - and the fact that we may or do not understand it does not negate its existence.

    In fact, this very recognition is neccesary in dealing with the challeges we face that are rooted in emotional man. Furthermore, this recognition is the way through which we can address and rise above emotionally based challenges , particularly those that use temporary distraction or pleasure to answer the failure to recognize the emotional man's connection withe spirituality and that similarly, Hashems's relationship with us need not fit into the understanding of logical/intellectual man. much the contrary.

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Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • January 11, 2018
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  • 24 Tevet 5778
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