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Sometimes You Find Your Child's Soul on Ski Slopes

We Never Reject a Jewish Child

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This women's class was presented on Tuesday Parshas Bo 5778, January 16, 2018, at Ohr Chaim, Monsey, NY


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    6174070758 -3 years ago

    Chag sameach is there any way I can have Rb Jacobson phone number I need to talk to him I really will appreciate if it can be arranged my number is 6174070758

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  • DS

    Dan S -5 years ago

    Thank you again for an amazing shiur!


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    Stephanie -6 years ago

    Hello Rabbi Jacobson,
    I wanted to thank you for your most recent shiur on finding your child's soul on the ski slopes. It was tremendously validating for me and gave me so much chizuk. 

    You might find this an interesting "coincidence" but this last week our my children's Yeshiva winter break here in Silver Spring, MD. My sons are really great boys who learn so beautifully and are very successful yeshiva students. BH!!!

    But 4-1/2 years ago, their father/my husband suddenly passed away and life became a whole new series of challenges in parenting and finances that I wasn't prepared for and would have asked for as a challenge. 

    One of the things I have made my mission since my husband z"l died is mission to take my family on really nice vacations during our summer and winter breaks. With Rabbinic guidance I was advised that though I never spent on vacations when my husband was alive, it is important now to give my family things to look forward to add new fun things to our lives. 

    My sons (ages 15 and 16) have gone skiing a few times with their yeshiva and asked me if this Winter Break I would take them skiing. Wanting it to be a great trip for them, I agreed and planned a trip to Vermont for our break (even though I personally would have preferred Sunny Florida!)

    What can I say... my kids had the time of their lives. My daughter, age 12 had never skiied before, and she took a lesson and by the end of the day was skiing down the big mountain with her brothers. She felt so proud that she only needed one hour of lessons to get acclimated and enjoy skiing. 

    At the end of that cold, expensive day my kids thanked me over and over for taking them skiing and told me it was the best trip we ever did, except for our family trip to Israel.

    The next day I got a notification from Torah Anytime that you had posted a shiur called Finding Your Kids' Soul on the Ski Slopes. When I listened to the shiur, especially the part about the Bobover Rebbe himself assigning a real masmid to teach the other boy to ski, I felt as if my whole vacation was validated by you, Rabbi Jacobson, and the Bobover Rebbe zt"l himself. 

    As a single parent, I can't tell you how much I wish someone would validate me and tell me I'm doing a good job, but when I heard your shiur, and especially with the timing of it, I felt like maybe it was a message from above that indeed I'm doing a good job. 

    Thank you so much and please keep up your good work disseminating Torah and those wonderful women's parsha classes, in particular. You are such an insightful and lively speaker, I try never to miss anything you publish or post online. 

    Thank you and wishing you a gut Voch!

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    Benzion -6 years ago

    Finding a child's soul

    You are a very powerfull story teller

    but the story of the “Kedishath-Tzion” is not out of the ordinary, those who knew or read about him, know that this behavior was quiet normal for him 

    and we are talking about a very turbulent era, between the 2 world wars, it was very far from easy, therefore he succeeded where a lot of others failed, 

    But I’ll tell you another story which illustrates the character of the “Kedishath-Tzion” zy”a, 

    In the latter years before the war, the “Kedishath-Tzion” would conduct on Pesach night a “Seder” with the attendance of more 1000 bucharim, 2 things weren’t available at these sedurim 1) Space, 2) Food, it was a “ureme velt” (poor world), but the bucharim kept on comming, nobody could afford to miss it, my father u”h was there 3 times, the bais medresh had only standing space, and all the buchrim stood on haimishe made bleachers, every bucher had hung around his neck a Matza Tash with 3 matzos and a bottle of wine & becher for the 4 koisiss, the rest seder items were passed around hand to hand, they just kept coming with each year the crowd grew.

    One Pessach when everybody was standing in his place ready & waiting for the Rebbe, the “Kedishath-Tzion” appeared in his full aristocratic glory, 

    as he was standing on his place he reviewed his “troops” the bucharim, from left to right top to bottom, 

    The “Kedishath-Tzion” had a minhag not to talk at the seder other than the text of the Hagudeh, As he observed the crowed (still standing) he took the Hagudeh in his hand and turned to his son Reb Shloime (the future Bobover  Rebbe) pointing to the Alef-Bais in text and creating a name “Shia”, and motioning that Shia is missing, where is he? 

    You can imagine that in this crowd there was more that one Shia, So to which Shia does the Rebbe refer to? 

    The son Reb Shloime who knew most of the bucharim, started rolling off the names of the many Shia’s, 

    does the Tatte mean Shia from Krokow, the Father motioned No, from Turne – No, from Limaniv – No, and so on , 

    finally  mentioning Shia from Katavitz, the Rebbe motioned Yes

    So the instruction went out that Rebbe is calling for Shia from Katavitz,  but Shia didn’t appear, there became a hustle, the Rebbe won't start the Seder until Shia arrives, and he’s standing & waiting for Shia from Katavitz to appear, He won’t even sit down..

    A Katavits friend of Shia, seeing the commotion and becoming conceren, ran out to their loddgings they shared together to check out on Shia. Arriving in the room,  Shia was wreathing of  horrible tooth pain. Shia aren’t you coming to the seder? he asked his friend, Shia cried I have terrible pain I just can’t. But the Rebbe is waiting for you, his friend countered, the Rebbe won’t start the seder without you!......

    Shia could hardly answer and asked his friend to relay his predicament to the Rebbe and ask what he should do?

    The friend approached the Rebbe with the bad news,  the Rebbe turned to his son Ren Shloime and told him (thereby breaking his menhag of not talking) and gave him a key of a cabinet in his study which were full of all sorts of medicines, instructed the specific  medication to give for Shia, the amount and the many times to take during the night, and he should stay in bed and recover and rest, iy”h tomorrow he’ll attend the seder,

    Only then did the Rebbe started “Kadaish

    My father would finish the story to me, just imagine how every bucher who witnessed the episode felt, 

    Shia was an ordinary bucher just like the 1000 others, each and every bucher thought to himself, if it were me in his place, the Rebbe would react the same way, 

    the “Kedishath-Tzion” couldn’t start a seder when one of them was missing, 

    my father would say, wasn’t it worth to leave everything behind and come to Bobov?

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Bo/Pesach Women's Class

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • January 16, 2018
  • |
  • 29 Tevet 5778
  • |

Dedicated by Yossef Zukin in honor of the 24th birthday of  his daughter Nechama bas Guitel shetechyeh, 28 Teves 

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