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Why Did Jews Not Become Suicide Bombers?

The Psychology of the Two Kosher Signs: Do You Have Split Hooves? Do You Chew Your Cud?

1 hr 16 min

Class Summary:

This women's class was presented on Tuesday Parshas Reah, 26 Av, 5778, August 7, 2018, at Ohr Chaim Shul, 20 Forshay Road, Monsey, New York.


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  • LWW

    Louise Watson Watson -10 months ago

    What happened with my Mediacom internet connection? I AM not your support person to be disturbed disrespectful or BLM'S black me too BELLIGERENT disrespectful to assume their opinions on my land LORD STATUS environments across all my land LORD WORLD GLOBALLY! No PREGNANCIES no professional progress or the need to be involved with the process of making sure I have what I need STAT I AM!!

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  • M

    Menachem -5 years ago

    I heard your lecture on 'why didn't jews become suicide bombers', and there is one point I hear over and over that I havnt got a coherent answer to, namely 'that maybe the those suicide bombers are just the "bad apples" of the lot, as there are a few billion muslims (I am talking about outside Israel) although your second point that the muslim leaders don't condemn it -at least enough- is well taken.

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    • SS

      Shloime Shmiel -2 years ago

      Muslim leaders don't condemn suicide bombers for 2 reasons:

      1 - they fear retaliation from other suicide bombers and is practically impossible to avoid them, and

      2 - if the leaders have the courage to condemn publicaly the bombing and killing of innocent lives, nothing would change at all. Those that decide to inmolate themselves in a suicide will not change their mind and those that consider it a total waste would feel just confirmed that this is a waste of lives for no intrinsic value. The best outcome that may come from a bombing by suicides is that eventually some streets will be named after them.

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    • Anonymous -1 year ago

      it is irrelevant how many muslims are out there just look at history

      there were billions people out there but that did not stop the holocaust. so using that "statistic"doesnot work.

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  • O

    Odom -5 years ago

    כמדומה שכבר שלחתי את זאת אבל כיון שהוא שייך להשיעור על פרשת ראה בענין מעלה גרה אשלח עוד הפעם

    אחד מהזכותים הגדולים להגאולה בב"א הוא בכיית רחל אמנו ע"ה וטעניה שהכניס צרתה לביתה

    והנה נעיין קצת למה היה עושה סימנים, ועי"ש בהגמ' מגילה שהיא אמרה ליעקב שלבן הוא רמאי, והיא אמרה שצריכין לעשות סימנים. ובשעה זו מה היה בדעתה שיהי' עם לאה. ע"ז לכאורה צ"ל שהיא אמרה שאין עניניה בלאה הלא היא צדקה בענין זה ואינו ביושר שלבן ירמה את בעלה יעקב אע"ה הצדיק ואם לבן תכניס את לאה לחופה והיא אז תבזה מאד עי"ז אין זה ענינה וחייך קודמים וכו' וכו

    ומה שהיא נותן הסימנים ללאה היה משום שחזרה בדעתה ממה שחשבה בתחילה

    ואחר חשבתי זאת ראיתי במדרש שמוסיף דבר אחד. ונמלך רחל ונתן הסימנים ללאה

    הלא כל הזכרות הגדול הזה בא ממי שאמר אפשר איני צדוק במחשבתי

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  • Anonymous -5 years ago

     עיין תרגום יונתן פרשת ויחי בראשית מט, ח. 

     וז"ל (מתורגם בלשון קודש): יהודה אתה הודית על מעשה של תמר בעבור כן יודו שמך ויקראו יהודים על שמך.

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  • R

    Rivka -5 years ago

    You do realize that Muslims mainly eat the same animals we eat (though it seems they do eat shellfish. In one place it says no carnivorous animals, but it some other sites I checked it's anything but pig)?

    I guess you also have to go back to the Ramban about Sarah Imeinu and Hagar....

    here is the website on Halal: 


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  • Anonymous -5 years ago

    What about halal

    Very nice shiur. The only problem with the first half is that the Muslim Halal is very similar to Kosher 

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  • A

    anon -5 years ago


    Have not heard of any Christian suicide bombers either...

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  • M

    moshe -5 years ago

    so why meat? and other comments

    If eating noncarnivorous animals makes us gentler, the vegetarians would argue that eating only vegetables, grains, etc is yet better. No need to shecht. 
    "You are what you eat". We all start off as a little drop, nurtured by what our mothers eat until birth, and then literally are composed of what we have ingested. It is very real.
    Also: Though USA didn't expel yidden, they didnt always let them in...
    The first suicide bombers weren't on Eretz Yisroel. Kamikaze Japanese pilots killed themselves deliberately by  flying into American ships in WWII. 
    We are what we eat in the short run (today and for the course of our personal life) and also in the cumulative long run (3300 years of kosher affects DNA).. But what will be now that about 85% of yidden aren't frum any more? 
    Also: Not only are there very few jewish terrorists, but no jewish organizations that promote terrorisn (then again Begin and the Irgun, etc before 1948).
    Also: Nonj Jws also rethink things.
    A question: Couldn't Tamar have been raped so the decision to execute wrong? 
    We "chew it over" goes the expression.

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    • K

      Kalman -4 years ago

      A few notes:
      1. When Japanese aircraft bombed an American military base, I did not in any way justify anyone, but it was not a terrorist act. Yes, civilians also died there, but this is not what was said during the lecture, when terrorists blew themselves up in public places, so that as many civilians as possible died.
      2. Of course, among non-religious people there are wonderful people and they have wonderful deeds. Just as among religious people there are disgusting people and their actions, but based on the formula - we are what we eat, our motives depend on what we eat and how we eat. if all Jews ate only kosher food, there would be less aggressiveness, controversial and scandalous situations, both on a personal plan and in society as a whole.
      3. Regarding the rape of Tamar, this probability does not work. If she had been raped, she would have had to announce it, and not wait three months for everyone to know that she was pregnant. And even, after three months, she didn’t say at the court that she had been raped, but handed over the docks for identification, saying - whose things are - that I was pregnant from.

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  • JR

    Jason Reville -5 years ago

    Toda Rabba

    I am grateful to this inspirational lecture.

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  • Anonymous -5 years ago

    download mp3

    why isnt it working?



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  • Anonymous -5 years ago

    15 Av

    WOW !!....

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Women's Re'eh/Shmini Class

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • August 7, 2018
  • |
  • 26 Av 5778
  • |

Dedicated by Fariborz Sani, in loving memory of her father Rahim Sani, Rahameen ben Nissan Levi.

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