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When Bill Clinton Wanted to Do Teshuvah

The Frankfurt Kol Nidrei on the Night After Yom Kippur

Photo: R. Michael Paley with President Bill Clinton discussing two forms of repentance

Class Summary:

This lecture by Rabbi YY Jacobson, organized by Project Inspire, was held in Keter Torah Shul in Teaneck, New Jersey, on Sunday, 8 Elul 5779, September 8, 2019. 

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  • A

    Albert -4 years ago

    I read the Bill Clinton story that you told at shul this AM. I see the YouTube video, but do you have a written version of it too? 

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  • DSR

    Dr. Stanley Ress -4 years ago

    I saw a brief print version on Clinton's Teshuva with Rav Paley that you wrote, but I can't find it anywhere on the internet. Please can you point me to where I can download & print it?

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  • L

    Lawrence -4 years ago

    Rabbi Jacobson,

    • The first talk on Repentance, is astonishing, wonderful, informative, funny, and enlightening. I shared it with a dozen in my family. “Rabbi Salevacheck and Rabbi Cook! Repentance / Tchuvah” discussion is so important to our New Year.
    • I sent this Poem to my 15 year old daughter, 10 years ago, but it is as relevant as ever.

    Divinity Poem to 15 yr old daughter

    My daughter feels that God is not,
    Real, Really. But she is caught
    In the existential dilemma where logic
    is powerless for matters not pedagogic.

    To ponder the enormity of billions of galaxies
    and trillions of planets, has throughout history
    Turned linear thinking into a sop.
    Of mental gymnastics which can not stop

    the realization that logic and reason
    are mundane tools. It is mental treason
    to think that a word can encompass the whole
    complexity. And that the human soul

    is the end all and be all, “Oh Glorious me”.
    And that we are the rulers of all we can see.

    Copyright Lawrence Klein December 1, 2004

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  • H

    Hannah -4 years ago

    I am a frequent listener of your lectures, they are great in the sense of deepness and clarity. However, your shiur in the Rav´s and R´Kook teshuvah styles had a very profound idea, which is absolutely true, but doesn't hold the to the kavod worth to Rabbi Kook and even more to Rabbi Soloveitchik. I am absolutely not versed in neither, while I'm sure that their ideas are much more profound. The Rav speaks about kaparah and taharah- the correction of two the consequences of sin (liability and impurity), blotting sin out or elevating it among many other beautiful concepts (his yearly Teshuva shiur). R of Perhaps you could dedicate another lecture to develop more into these great styles and make clear the elu veelu of these not contradictory at all drachim.
    Thank you!

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Lecture in Teaneck for High Holidays

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • September 8, 2019
  • |
  • 8 Elul 5779
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