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Fear Before Faith?

Pharaoh Can Handle G-d as Universal Energy, but Not God’s Infinite Essence

44 min

Class Summary:

This class was presented on Wednesday Parshas Beshalach, 10 Shevat, 5780, 5 February, 2020 at the Ohr Chaim Shul, Monsey, NY 

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  • R

    Rochella -4 years ago

    the yud

    I loved what you said that when a person has to say no to their arousals for Ra, evil, I have to condense and withdraw and this creates the same zimzum above.
    "Sur merah" must go to a much deeper place than "aseh Tov"....
    The glory is usually found much more when we create than when we abstain.
    When we abstain there is silence. My own individual silence of tremendous pain. If I don’t eat the cheesecake, nothing really happened I just didn’t eat the cheesecake. No feedback.... But if I bake a cheesecake, lots of feedback.
    And it’s in that trust that I’m able to let go and embrace the new....
    Allow so much of Divinity and Godliness to fill my life now and from a perspective of a loving relationship.
    Chassides is therapy to help me restore and heal from all the crazy insane old relationship I had with all those abusive and traumatic gods....
    Perhaps that what AA is about: To validate and create those meetings with lots of feedback and connections in order to make up for the zimzum process one has to go through in order to become clean and that is perhaps what helps people out of their addiction. Because perhaps this might be the hardest part in the battle from addictive behavior. (That zimzum). We are suppose to live without addiction and destructive habits. Who claps for me for not being a drug addict?
    We feel alone in this most difficult and challenging moments of combatting our inner demons and no one even knows that WW2 is happening in the midst of our inner world. Because we are in a process of disconnect from raha. We fear disconnecting, it’s always a process of pain and loss.
    But when I do an ase toiv I’m really connecting and becoming more engage with me and the world.
    Mizvah ase you CONNECT to.
    Lo sase you DISCONNECT from. 

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  • RA

    Reb Aharon -4 years ago

    shir summary

    Torah Ohr    Alter Rebbe   1806      Parshas Beshalach      Pg 112

    Wed           feb 5 ‘20

    14,31:  “And Yisrael saw the great hand that H’ did in Mitzrayin and the people feared H” and they believed in H’ and in Moshe his servant”.

    3 x mention H’ name Havaya

    Why does fear come before emunah? 

    Parshas Ki Sissa 34:6 – Why H’ s name twice right in a row?   Rosh Hashana 19:   in 13 midos why twice H’?        

    Two diff realities of name Havaya:

              L’satta – lower, relative to higher name, expresses self in something

    more tangible      Is-ness,- is was will be -   every facet of existence  - the source of being – H’ is the essence of existence – manifestation of being – infinite being brings it forth – perceptions of reality – all these olamos

    In ruchnius there is no makom – no spatiial terms


    Why is world called “m’ayin l’yaish”   when H’ isn’t ayin?

    Shaim Havaya is a metaphor – to understand the limits of reality.  Has to be

           tzimtzum 1st into yud and then into a hay – that’s the energy that constitutes   

           existence – allows reality to emerge thru the letters of Shaim Havaya

           2nd hay is expansion of the vav –

    21:00  Why give a headache w/this limud?  What’s the difference?    Who needs all this info?

    24:00 “tziva” – hiskashrus – connection –

    Shaim Havaya d’laayil –

    When a man does something he first has to develop in his mind – also thru process of yud hey   then vav  then hay – this is called as almah d’ischasiyah cuz it’s not yet revealed in the lower world like Shaim Havaya d’l’satiya –


    So Par o said:  “who is this Havaya?” – he knew the lower name but not the higher

    name – knew existence name of Havaya d’lsatah

    Zohar:  “a log to catch on fire must be splintered”


    Can only reach l’ayil thru ‘sur marah’ and bitul – a form of tzimtzum – a

    condensing, a shrinking that can be scarey  -  always a moving away from

    something - one can’t say the yes before there’s a no -

    Doing good - 

    31:00   whatever one finds on dry land is in the yam and vice versa – Gem from ?

      Yam – 2 mill ocean creatures we don’t even know yet, we see only water, action

    underneath the water, alma diskasya “covered world” – conceptualized

      Yavasha – see the diversity on the surface, uniqueness, the expression  

    alma disgalya “revealed world”


    H’ changed yam to dry land w/o any speck of moisture –

    Day 2 of creation – made dry land and

    36     alma d’iskasya can emerge in the shaim havaya of alma d’isgalaya

    38 – new concept in reality –

    Boshes – awe, embarassement, sense of reverence, loss of self, inadequacy, feel

    shame in a very positive sense –

    Paro said:  “loh  yadati es Havaya” – that is the H’ d’aylah

    After krias yam suf –

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  • Anonymous -4 years ago

    Other Rishonim also seem to learn it was not that Paroh did not know at all. 

    רלב"ג ביאור המלות על התורה, שמות ה׳:ב:א

    לא ידעתי את יי' וגם את ישראל לא אשלח. ר"ל לא נודע לי עניינו בדרך שאכנע לו לשלוח ישראל במצוותו ואז הוסיפו לו ביאור שבקשתם היא שישלחם דרך שלשת ימים במדבר לזבוח ליי' כדי שיבין מאלו הדברים שלא היתה כוונתם שישלחם במוחלט אבל שישלחם דרך שלשת ימים לזבוח ליי':

    Rabenu Bachya (2nd pshat)

    דבר אחר מי ה' אשר אשמע בקולו שאתחייב לשמוע בקולו הרי מעולם לא בא אצלי, בא אצל אבימלך בחלום הלילה ואמר לו (בראשית כ׳:ו׳) בתם לבבך עשית זאת אבל לי וינגע ה' את פרעה נגעים גדולים וכיון שכן אינו מכירו, לא ידעתי את ה' וגם את ישראל לא אשלח.


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Chassidus: Torah Or Beshalach Vayaar Yisroel #1

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • February 5, 2020
  • |
  • 10 Sh'vat 5780
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