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Why Are Many Scientists Arrogant?

All Fields of Secular Knowledge Try to Understand the "Yesh;" Torah Tries to Understand the "Ayin"

46 min

Class Summary:

This class was presented on Tuesday Parshas Yisro, 16 Shevat, 5780, February 11, 2020 at the Ohr Chaim Shul, Monsey, NY 

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  • Anonymous -4 years ago

    Someone asked in the shiur why does it say the name 3 times. In the Maamar he seems to explain that the 1st time is refering to the name of L’aila- al yedey bechinas mitzrayim- that in order for one to recognize this name there has to be סור מרע a bitul and a tzitzum. Later on he quotes the other two times. The one by yirah is the name of  L’satta and by Emunah it is the name of L’aila. He seems to say that when the yam turned into yabasha they now had Emunah that there could be a revlation of the name of L’aila (which is usually concealed) in this world. Meaning alreay in Mitzrayim they had a realization of the name of L’aila, but by the Yam they were able to realize a new aspect of the name of L’aila that is it could reveal itself in the lower world. Is this a correct interpretation? Would Rebbe be able to explain the idea of סור מרע and the idea of the name of L’aila being revealed?

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    • Anonymous -4 years ago

      Yes, well said. We weill still explain more beizer Hashem.

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  • RA

    Reb Aharon -4 years ago

    Shiur summary

    Tues Feb 11 ’20

    Concretization - bringing out from inner potential to actualization – from olam d’ayal to olam d’sata

    yud – condensing & filtering into a point - yaish from ayin  (relative to ain sof)

     Hay –           Vav –         Hay -

    Paro doesn’t know Havaya – even Yosef used only the name Elokim –

                Havaya d’l’tata Paro may know, but not d’l’ayil

    Why does yirah come before emunah?

    Two realities l’tata & l’ayl:  Yet, Hashem echad u’shmo echad – really one

          yet important to see two ie the distinctions bet H’ l’ayil & H’ l’tata to see

          what we’re experiencing at different points in our lives

    Mashal of a builder – 1st in mind before it’s actualized

                Successful operation requires a good plan

    Yiddishist author – bro was  Rav of Yerushyalyim – wrote Yoselle Rokaver Speaks to G-d                  about Warsaw ghetto

                Shir Hashirim – people translated acc’g to deeper meaning, not literal cuz

                      Rashi says its all a mashal  –

                He was upset & wrote an article – shame that Shlomo Hamelech wasn’t on

       such a high level of yiras shemayim to write such a translation, but he didn't

                 Jew in Warsaw, translated Romeo & Juliet – “translated and enhanced by

                        Yankele Rosenzweig“

    External wisdoms – chohmah chitzonios – secular knowledge

                Tzemach Tzedek:  it is the chochmah of the yaish

                         Torah is chochmah of the ayin that preceeds the yasih

      “outer” – chitzonios” – relative to something else

                R Yonasaon b’Uzziel – bird burns above

                            2 bochurim – one = wow    one = what’s the halacha

                                           Havaya l’tata divorced from Havaya d’layil

    Anger – secondary emotion chitzonios

        On one level what is penimius is on a deeper level chizonios and then on a deeper level                    etc – peeling the layers

    If the author speaks to me thru the world – ie l’ayl into l’tata - that's good

    “Anochi” -   anah nafshi kasavas Yahavis“ – “I have written my soul into the text”

    G-d speaks thru every creation.

    Can I see the ayin behind the yaish?

    Chochma chizonios = yaishis – “look what I know”   pompous – study of yaish brings more           yaishis

    Chochma Torah - it is in the ayin =  creates bitul –

    Psychologist – fr LA – Freud's talmid speaks at a seminar re: flood story in many cultures – cuz of ego/ID/repressed fears – Yiddisha Dr. says maybe cuz that is what happened it is history in all cultures – Freud’s student “we will never know who is stronger a polar bear or a tiger cuz they can never live in the same climate” and that’s you and me and he left – ie the scientist’s ego is so great he can’t even discuss if someone disagrees with his dogma

    The moment science becomes associated with dogma, it’s not just unscientific – it is a war on science.

    The moment seichel becomes associated with dogma ......

    Dogma – A set of knowledge or truths given over by an authority and accepted by people without questioning or investigation

     Essence of Torah – looking for the ayin, not the yaish

    What’s the ayin?  The singular core that encompasses and integrates all of existence.

    Mashal – author wrote a 1000 books then I meet the author, where this writing was born 

    Lub Rebbe:  Secular Yidden developed science so much cuz they have a Yiddisha soul - they had the courage to go back to the ayin and the only way you can really change something in science is if you’re ready for a real paradigm shift, must go out of box to see it in a completely different way and that means you’re not defined by the yaish, you’re ready to go back to the ayin which is the source where everything can be recreated.

    Dogma – stuck in yaishis

    Emunah is the opposite – connected to the ayin

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  • MH

    Mrs. H -4 years ago

    The Bear and the Tiger

    okay, I see it at 31 minutes

    Jay Homnick is Rabbi Yaakov Dovid Homnick, my husband's oldest brother, who is not a psychologist and not in L.A.
    Here is the article that my brother-in-law wrote with the story that you tell, which occurred with his father, my father-in-law, Rabbi Moshe (Dr. Morton) Homnick, a psychologist, when the latter was a student.
    Here is my b-i-law's article with the anecdote:
    In his article, the student's name is misspelled. Here is the student:
    P.S. "translate" has two syllables, not three.

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    • I

      isaac -4 years ago

      From the Article:

      A tremor of shock rippled through the assemblage of mental health professionals. The ineffable had been uttered. The room was silent while the great man pondered. Finally he said this: “My teacher Freud told us that we will never know who is stronger, the polar bear or the tiger, because they can’t live in each other’s climate, so they can never meet. You and I are the polar bear and the tiger. In my world the possibility that a Flood occurred cannot be considered."


      But there are Siberian tigers!

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  • Y

    Yisrael -4 years ago

    Dont worry, “concretization” is a real word :)

    Concretization is more commonly used to refer to a particular embodiment of a general concept or to the process which creates it. Concretion is more commonly used to refer to a physical, especially geological, object or to the physical process which creates it.

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    • M

      Moshe -4 years ago

      "concretization" is the result when kids step into the fresh wet concrete owned by someone who  had claimed he likes kids, but only in the abstract, not in his concrete! 

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  • M

    Moshe -4 years ago


    Hashem had the idea of  creation as a "project" in His mind before creation, Havaya Elyona. Did the project come out as planned? It is said that Hashem first created the  world according to  strict din, gevurah, but it couldn't and didnt last, so He destroyed it.

    Plan A scuttled.

    Then plan B was to create the world with chesed, rachamim. And so it was rebuilt. 

    Not always does plan A get executed to original design, even by Hashem.

    Ohr Chaim itself  seens to be a project without a  plan! 

    Next. Even according to  plan B, the world was created to  be without death, without  sin, without toil to live, without pain of childbirth. So even plan B was scuttled by Adam and  Chava. 

    After He created the world by His plan, the "cat was out of the bag" and people given free choice  to  further or hamper the plan. Golus is the result of hampering. 

    Should R  Yochanan pay for the bird burnt by the fire over his head from his learning? Silly question. The bird was hefker, ownerless, and one doesnt pay damages to nature, (present environmental advocates who sue for damages on behalf of parts of  nature excluded).

    A chocham's chitzoinius is like the  Alter Rebbe's beard, his nose, etc., just a  part of  him but not the  real him. 

    Joseph Campbell, the master mythologist, wrote that every world mythology and culture has a flood story. Every culture had same warped explanation or it happened to  the whole world? 

    Most people including top scientists have an internal bias to include facts, opinions and  theories that fit and support pre-existing theories AND reject those that don't fit.  

    Can it be that even some giant Torah scholars are  yeshidik like secular scholars? 

    Can it be that "yesh " and "ayin" are items here and there while "chitzoiius" and "penimius" are descriptions  and adjectives of both?

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Chassidus: Torah Ohr Beshalach Vayaar Yisroel #3

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • February 11, 2020
  • |
  • 16 Sh'vat 5780
  • |

Dedicated by Susan Goldberg, in honor of the blessed memory of Aryeh Lev ben Zev Wolf and Yocheved bat Matityahu Goldczer, May their neshamahs have an Aliyah

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