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How To Wear Judaism With Pride

Tuesday, May 26, 9:30pm EST

1 hr 46 min

Class Summary:

Rabbi YY Jacobson speaks to College students and Jewish youth of Mexico City followed by Q&A, on Tuesday, 3 Sivan, 5780, May 26, 2020.

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  • MI

    Moshe Isenberg -4 years ago

    It is said  and it is known that there was and is less assimilation, intermarriage, other than orthodox forms of  judaism and a general close knit tight warm community in Poland, Montreal, Joburg, and Mexico city, compared to other nearby countries and cities. Why? 

      The yidden in Poland were in a Catholic anti-semitic, country. Germany next door was protestant,  more cultured, etc. Poland had less intermarriage and warmer tighter communities. Montreal is  in a Catholic  french speaking province. Same difference as between poland and Germany with Toronto next door. Toronto had more reform, etc.
      Joberg and Mexico city  both have Jewish communities surrounded by very different host countries. Mexico is Catholic. South Africa was largely poor and  black.
       The point is that the less different a host country and culture is, the more likely the Jewish community will assimilate, intermarry, etc. Theu tend to be more secular, less warm. Conversely, the more different a host culture is (compare montreal and toronto even both in Canada, Montreal had and has a warm tightknit jewish community whereas Toronto is more like an average american city)  there tends to  be less intermarriage, less assimilation and a generally tighter warmer Jewish community.
       This confirms the perception about joburg and Mexico city. 

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  • A

    Avrumy -4 years ago

    Good evening,
    As your speaking now on Torah any time I would greatly appreciate if you can tackle the following question.
    Being that Hashe-m is epitome of Love, how can he allow pain to his beloved children. Which parent would do that to his children??

    Although you’ll say it’s for the good. Being that Hashe-m can do anything, than why can He do it in a painless way??

    Looking forward for your wisdom

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    • RA

      Rafael Aryeh -4 years ago


      you pre-suppose the CHILD IS ALSO PERFECT.

      if not, then you have no question.


      All children, L'Havdil< are like HASHEM and therefore perfect.

      You tell the 2 kids DO NOT GO NEAR THE STOVE.

      you are good to go.

      now..LET'S TALK LE MAASER: 

      Parent has 2 kids...one timid, listens to MOMMY, other has broad shoulders...likes to test the borders...DEFIANT.

      MOMMY brings TIMID to stove....explains heat..brings child CLOSER AND CLOSER to range.

      Kid "gets it" and done.

      the rebelious one...IN getting the top grill VERY HOT...and then turning off the flame...and then bringing the child over...and telling him not to touch...and he says HARUMPH..I DO WHAT I WANT!"

      ok..so the MOMMY, KNOWING WHAT SHE IS ABOUT TO DO...HAVING ICE WATER ON THE READY...actually CAUSES PAIN TO THE CHILD, in order to give him a PAINLESS, BURNLESS LIFE...as she says "OH YEAH? so go ahead...put your hand on thie front grill.

      As he does...AND HOWLS>..and GETS A BLISTER.....she knows, through the LITTLE PAIN (like a doctor's needle in his arm) the boy is CURED ABOUT BRAZENLY WALKING TO A STOVE, and SHOVING HIS HANDS ONTO IT.

      What we don't learn through the HEAD...sometimes we need to learn ELSEWHERE.

      STILL the parent cringes.

      but the 10 seconds of tears....that RAIN..will let aLIFETIME OF SUNSHINE to come out, and never leave.

      10 seconds of a PINCH...a HAIR PULL...or a LIFETIME OF WHINING AND NAGGING....and the kid STILL doesn't "get it".

      but just ONE PEEK AT TEH WORLD>..thanks to the "NEW ORDER" of parenting ONLY INTRIDUCED THE LAST 50 YEARS...can show you ho PAIN is, was , and will be iportant in ceratin modalities of training.

      Like FEAR..over LOVE.

      Tell the population that in order to save money, the POLICE WILL NOT PATROL THE HIGHWAYS FOR ONE DAY.





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  • M

    moishy -4 years ago

    Question for Rabbi YY

    I would like to appear live at this event
    i see a lot of times people writing how they escaped from jewish frum femilys ,and they write it in such a menner ,that it seems that they realy have no regrets ,but the oposite , what am i now supossed to think now

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  • Anonymous -4 years ago

    Everyone is waiting for Mashiach, but everyone is waiting for something of their own. Everyone has different ideas about Mashiach. How can you wait for someone. whom do we have no idea?

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  • Anonymous -4 years ago

    Why do we have a dairy meal in Shavuot, and where is the Asmachta for this tradition ?

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Address to College Students Mexico City

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • May 26, 2020
  • |
  • 3 Sivan 5780
  • |

Dedicated by Eliot Kaplan, in loving memory of Gittel bas Leah and Naftali Hertz ben Aaron HaKohain

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