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Why Are Jews Captivated by Hollow Movements & Ideologies?

53 min

Street fights in Kyiv, during the Ukraine crisis

Class Summary:

This women's class was presented on Tuesday Parshas Reah, 21 Av, 5780, August 11, 2020, streaming live from Rabbi YY Jacobson's home in Monsey, NY

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  • DA

    Daniel Antopolsky -1 year ago


    This lesson about REVOLUTZYE is so pertinent and helpful for we Jews who have once fallen or are now falling prey to something new, hollow, and harmful....excellent and inspiring lesson.

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  • Anonymous -2 years ago

    Amazing look at what is going on today!

    Amazing class! It explains so well what is going on today! The JAB, new god that will bring salvation to the world, we are not looking what it is, what it contains, we blindly trust the new that will solve the old. Amazing how we can be fooled by powerful people that claim they want our best! How could so many rabonim fall for this, where is their Jewish Yiddishe Knopf?

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    • JM

      Just me. -11 months ago


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  • Y

    Yitz -3 years ago


    You are a great orator. You could have been a great revolutionary. This is perhaps your true calling in life. 

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  • M

    Moshe -3 years ago

    I suspect that a goodly percentage of the audience here are bts

    They didn't throw away the tradition of their parents, grandparents,  etc. They didn't go searching for new  modern isms. 

      On the contrary,  against all odds, and usually with opposition from family and friends, they rejected materialism,  socialistic ideas, etc.,  and embraced old fashioned traditional Judaism. 

       This shiur should be said to those who rejected judaism and searched for new thrills. But they aren't here......

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  • Anonymous -3 years ago

    This was great. 

    Such a fundamental idea for the younger generation. 

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Women's Re'eh Class

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • August 11, 2020
  • |
  • 21 Av 5780
  • |

Dedicated by Baruch Yosef Markoff, in honor of Fraydel bas Sarah and Aharon ben Sarah, may Hashem bless them with a complete refuah shelaimah and many more good, long, healthy, happy, active and lucid years filled with simcha and nachus.

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