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Christianity and the Talmud

Who Was Yeshu? The Rabbinic, Kabbalistic & Chassidic Sources

2 hr 53 min

Class Summary:

Christianity in the Talmud and the Kabbalah. Who Was Yeshu? The Rabbinic, Kabbalistic, and Chassidic Sources. This lecture was presented on December 25, 2014, in Ohr Chaim Shul in Monsey, New York.


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  • MMJ

    menachem mendel Jacobson -7 months ago

    maybe even Reb Yecheel holds that there is in truth 1 yeshu and this that he said that there is 2 is because the one thats in the Christian wisdom is a ly after all the whole religion is a ly so also this detail of when he was born is a ly and the truth of him is the gimarah.  so there is 2 the mith one and the real one. so if so its not now 2023 to the age of the birth of that jew. its more. so the world is in time living in a myth that its 2023. yasherkoach

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  • D

    David -5 years ago

    Although Peter Brown does not deal directly with the Jewish aspects of redating the advent of Christianity into the 4th century, he provides a great deal of convincing research that Christianity did not exist before Constantine at all.



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  • D

    David -5 years ago

    I wanted to highlight several points.
    1) The Yeshu of the gemara and Toldos Yeshu Is not the Jesus of the New Testament.
    2) The contrary is the case. The oral traditions about Ben Pandera were known in Rome and we're Incorporated into the New Testament while changing the century and other aspects.
    3) There is no evidence in our sources for the existence of any of the characters of the new Testament in the first century in Judea. Not Jesus, not the Baptist, not Paul or anyone else.
    4) In fact there are very solid reasons to say that the Christian religion did not even exist until the century of the new regime of Constantine and Eusebius.


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  • D

    David -5 years ago

    One of the strangest things about Rav Yaakov Emden was that he actually wrote a justification of Paul and the New Testament while hatefully and relentlessly persecuting R. Yonasan Eibschutz, who had a perfect  chezkas kashrus…..Incredible……

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  • S

    Shimon -7 years ago

    Regarding business with a christian the Remo in Shulchan Aruch permits it because we consider the christian doing shituf and not idol worship.
    However for a gentile himself the noyse kelim, that is if I remember correctly the primegadim, chsam sofer hold shituf is prohibited for the gentile himself.
    To repeat; Regarding us, the way we treat business with a christian we say its ok. And for the Gentile himself shituf is prohibited according to the din.
    And you said on a human level we do not consider a christian like an idol worshiper like the Meiri writes. However the religion itself is idol worship.

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  • G

    gematria -8 years ago

    בקרבך=זו האשה

    so maybe both pshotim are true

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  • BM

    Bklyn Medic -8 years ago

    I waited a whole year to watch this, happy to say it was worth the wait.

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  • A

    AMen -8 years ago

    Successfully downloaded. Thank you.
    I was trying to stream from the website before, and that did not seem to work.

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  • M

    mamush1999 -9 years ago

    According to the opinion that maintains that the emendations that Yeshu made to Torah pertained only to the Gentiles in his campaign to have them follow the seven noachide laws - how do we reconcile the fact that he is alleged to have committed acts of idolatry after being handily rejected by his Rebbe Reb Yehoshua Ben Perachia?

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    • RYJ

      Rabbi YY Jacobson -9 years ago

      According to this view, by Rabbi Yaakov Emdin, it may be that the Jewish court did not kill him, only the Romans did. The Talmud is discussing another Yeshu. as we must conclude in any case, since Reb Yehusah ben Perachia lived 200 years earlier.

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      • L

        levi -7 years ago

        wasn't onkelus the nephew of hadrian not titus?

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  • G

    guest -9 years ago

    it is now after 9:30 am., and we still do NOT have anything to experience. what's cookin?

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The Jewish Perspective on Christianity

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • December 11, 2013
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  • 8 Tevet 5774
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Dedicated by David and Eda Schottenstein in honor of Sholom Yosef Gavriel ben Maya Tifcha, Gavriel Nash

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