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Day #4: What It Takes to Change the World

Never Accept the Story of Your Insignificance

3 min

Class Summary:

Chanukah 5781 -- a Video a Day: Day 4

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  • Anonymous -3 years ago


    Please check out and share Red Light - a beautiful song of Chizzuk: www.lifeinasong.org 

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  • TJ

    Tzvi Jacobs -3 years ago

    I tried to place ads through Collive and Anash.org to let Anash that there is scientific basis for early treatment of Covid using The Zelenko Protocol, but they refused to get involved. 

    I understand not getting involved in controversial medical issues, but I just wanted to do a link that would bring to a website that would give them a link to information from experts. 

    No one in Chabad leadership have become leaders to help save lives and bodies in this terrible and dangerous epidemic. Actually the medical leadership in Crown Heights has, in my small mind, has G-d forbid, put politics or looking nice or avoidance above presenting scientific information. We are living in a world where greed and power is more important than giving doctors the right to practice medicine. Why don't you give just one class presenting the topic? I assume you have studied the research or at least watched Senator Johnson's hearings on the topic. Without exaggeration, this is a holocaust and no leader of Anash has put out his neck. Because you have a position of influence, and some of your own followers are at jeopardy, I think it behooves you to study the research or listen to the experts and shine a light. In my opinion, and excuse for being blunt, it's enough to give a Torah insight based on the man from Wuhan. Please stand up. I am sure you will be able to convey some light without causing a blacklash, especially now that the AMA says that early treatment with HCQ is safe and recommended.

    I will forward an email that will give some information to point you in the right direction, in case you are not informed (which I doubt if you are).

    A freilichen Chanukah.


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  • S

    simcha -3 years ago

    Your work is outstanding: the world Is better when you wake up, and even better when you go to sleep.  I find your work enlightening and outstanding.  Your talks are deeper than deep.  I base that on the listening to your material that I have experienced  so far.  What has been particularly striking to me, is your focus on and understanding of the meaning of and use of the perceived “bad”.  I have thought about the perceived duality, of good versus bad, for a long time, given the oneness expressed in the Shema.  The story of Rabbi Akiva’s last words resonate very much.  Thank you. Simcha 

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  • JC

    John Cramer -3 years ago

    So Good,

    The Rabbis Teaching/Enlightenment make my Feelings feel, so AhA, Lovely, makes me Feel Good and want me to Cray. I´m Amazed how enlighten this knowledge is. like he tought about Midrash, I knew all this he talked about, So many times before, I didn´t got the Harmony right.


    Rabbi YY 

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Chanukah 5781 -- a Video a Day

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • December 13, 2020
  • |
  • 27 Kislev 5781
  • |

לע״נ מו״ה צבי אלימלך זצ״ל בן מו״ה פסח זצ"ל

Dedicated by Abe and Rachel Spitz

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