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Why Are So Many Teenagers Struggling in Today's Generation?

What We Can Do to Help Our Youth?

3 hr 3 min

Class Summary:

Rabbi YY Jacobson & Rabbi Shimon Russell, LCSW, discussing and taking questions on zoom, regarding: Why Are So Many Teenagers Struggling in Today's Generation? What We Can Do to Help Them?

Episode #83 of "Let's Get Real with Coach Menachem," with Rabbi Menachem Berenfeld, Life Coach, moderated by Asher Parnes.

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  • Anonymous -11 months ago

    This is AMAZING!

    As a child I had this experience. I wish my parents would've watched this and done this for me.

    Every parent should listen to this again and again until it's all IN THEIR BONES. You will lessen your children's feeling of loneliness and heal their pain instead of aggravating it. 

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  • Anonymous -1 year ago

    Thank you 

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  • S

    salomon -1 year ago

    Is it not possible that yidiskait is to hard for tham its to much for them

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  • ATP

    A thankful parent -2 years ago

    I owe a tremendous thank you to the whole team which made the 3 hour show happen. Especially to R Shimon who spent the wee hours of the morning riding the waves of his emotions while he so eloquently fostered new understandings and feelings in the hearts of his fellow Yidden!
    I considered myself a good parent, with obviously, room for growth. Nonetheless, after attaining a renewed understanding, my spouse didn’t help but notice how suddenly the atmosphere of the home is much more relaxed! When the children bicker, instead of stopping them, I now only focus on what’s causing them to act that way… Just the validation and attention is enough to melt the feud away.Whenever something more exciting/aggravating comes my way, I think “Either I can successfully parent this scenario from inside out, or, if I don’t yet have the required tools, I’ll just step back and let this wave ride over me. Hopefully next time such a complex scenario occurs, I'll have the correct tools required.” 
    I really think this concept will set a marker; chinuch before seeing this show, and chinuch after.
    Thanks again from myself, my family, and all other listeners.

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  • K

    Kayla -2 years ago

    Thank you rabbi Russell! It was phenomenal! What you said was crystal clear. I think people who understood you incorrectly basically have their mehalech set in stone and it's "traumatic " for them to do the 180 necessary 

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In Conversation: Rabbi YY & Rabbi Shimon Russell, LCSW

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • December 19, 2021
  • |
  • 15 Tevet 5782
  • |

Dedicated by Ahuva New in gratitude

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