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Why Such Hatred to Israel? What’s the Best Solution for Gaza?

The Historic Calling of the Jewish People Today

1 hr 16 min

Class Summary:

Ollie From J-TV Speaks to Rabbi YY Jacobson About the Big Questions Surrounding the Jewish People in the Aftermath of the October 7 Massacre

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  • M

    Mark -5 months ago

    This whole twisted reality in the media is all from Hashem - It is so clear !  It is particularly clear with the universities- why, according to nature, would young fun loving uni students care about israel and hamas to such an extent - they have their own lives and parties to deal with, tese things happening in the middle east shouldn't really interest them. Why would hashem choose universities?

    The answer is very simple - Universities is the "biting point" for asimilation - these are the places where Jewish young men and women find none jewish partners and cut themselves off from their 3000 + year old heritage. Throughout the generations, Hahsem has used various means of antisemitism in order to ensure the Jewish people survive as a nation  and  in outr generation  Hashem is using the universities as a platform as this is the most critical place to stop assimilation

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  • T

    Tzadikk -5 months ago

    Very well said. love the British accent and wisdom!

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  • N

    null -5 months ago

    And what about "lev hamelch beiad H" about the mistakes of Bibi?

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  • N

    null -5 months ago

    And whar about the captive exchange and the "truce" ?

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  • Anonymous -5 months ago

    But we need the american weapons which we are not able and allowed to produce completely by ourself, andit would

    ake years. And we need a lot of them

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    yehuda moskovitz, part of the belz community in antwerp, belgium -5 months ago

    thank you so much for the amazing speeches

    I just wonder isnt anti-semitism a gift from hashem that we received by מעמד הר סיני as the גמרא מסכת שבת states למה נקרא שמו הר סיני מפני שירד שנאה לאומות העולם על ישראל?

    please make this clear to me


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  • E

    Elisheva -5 months ago

    Shalom Rebbe
    I think antisemitism comes from Moslem phobia , Because obviously all other countries and nations don’t want what happened in Israel happens to themselves 😮😮😮
    Don’t you think so

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  • S

    S.B. -5 months ago

    What does God want ?

    Obviously Tshuva-- for every Jew who's listening.  To feel & care for  each other despite our differences. To give more , To pray better. To stop, think about what God expects of "me". To know that every Jew is now a target. Time to "come Home", to E.Y.

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Rabbi YY Interviewed on J-TV

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • November 22, 2023
  • |
  • 9 Kislev 5784
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