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The Horrific Behavior of Neturei Karta

Who Are These Supposed Religious Jews Who March With Hamas?

29 min

Representatives of the fringe group, Niturei Karta presenting gift of a model of the al aksa mosque on the Temple Mount to Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyeh (ימ"ש)

Class Summary:

An excerpt of Talkline With Zev Brenner- Are Neturei Karta Jews? Rabbi YY Jacobson & Jake Turx Senior White House correspondent of Ami Magazine discuss and debate how we should relate to the small number of members of our community that belong to the anti-Israel group that supports Hamas and other enemies of the Jewish people.

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  • Anonymous -3 months ago

    Lekavod Hagaon HaRav Jacobson Shlita,In my humble opinion, the depth of the Rav's statement that "Neturei Karta aren't Jews" (they might be tinok shenishba, but that wouldn't change the metzius) is based on the following Rambam

    רמב"ם הלכות תשובה פרק ג הלכה יא
    הפורש מדרכי צבור ואף על פי שלא עבר עבירות אלא נבדל מעדת ישראל ואינו עושה מצות בכללן ולא נכנס בצרתן ולא מתענה בתעניתן אלא הולך בדרכו כאחד מגויי הארץ וכאילו אינו מהן אין לו חלק לעולם הבא, העושה עבירות ביד רמה כיהויקים בין שעשה קלות בין שעשה חמורות אין לו חלק לעולם הבא, וזהו הנקרא מגלה פנים בתורה מפני שהעיז מצחו וגילה פניו ולא בוש מדברי תורה. 

    A person who is friends with murderers and enemies of Klal Yisrael are poreish min hatzibbur and have excommunicated themselves from Klal Yisrael, Hashem Yerachem.Thank you for your chizuk

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  • Anonymous -4 months ago

    its very hard to say about a jew that he is not.

    if he was born to a jewish mother is he a jew and of story.

    u dont have to like what he is doing how he acts but he is still a jew

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    • DM

      Donna Mark -3 months ago

      The Torah speaks about modesty, take Bibi Netanyayu, for a leader setting examples for our our Jewish Family worldwide, Why hasn't grown peyos, why doesn't he wear long sleeves,  where is his black hat, why doesn't he go to a men's mikve, and finally why is he doing business and calling for the genocide of non Jews on Shabbos? Mrs. Mark

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  • MY

    mendel yakovson -4 months ago

    eretz yisrael liam yisrael

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  • YH

    Yaakov Herman -4 months ago

    The fact that one can try to answer for such filth in the name of love is beyond. Chazal's statement that he who has mercy on the cruel will end up being cruel themselves comes to mind. Honestly, I do not want to pick up an Ami magazine. To even suggest that maybe it's not so bad since the Jew haters of the world will associate a chassidic Jew with neturei karta and not throw stones is nauseating. Besides the point, those who held that view before the Holocaust were the first ones to be thrown into concentration camps. 
    similar arguments are being made by the anti semites of the world  in the name of free speech on college campuses. Disgusting. 

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  • CB

    Chaim Bochner -4 months ago

    I don't know how you can even attempt to answer for them. I think this is the one that I cannot be Dan lekav zechus.

    Is it also your view, G-d forbid???

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  • YF

    Yosef Feldman -4 months ago

    Neturay karta don't support Hamas per se. They support the Palestinians as governing all of Israel as they hold we should not have ie control the land of Israel until Moshiach comes and when we don't agree to that and even fight against them for the land we just cause ourselves destruction. That's their view 

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    • A

      Ariel -4 months ago

      I understand but that was not the vibe of the speaker in this video. Handing trophies to the leader of a group of 1,200 murderers and rapists and monsters is on the level of Hitler. We should not be kissing Hitler ym"sh, handing him trophies, or giving ANY ANY ANY justification for his supporters. It's so beyond sad that these words even need to be written. I cry I as a type these words - and if ANY family member of the holy kedoshim saw this video it would tear them apart. So disgraceful and sad. Oy.

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    • YH

      Yaakov Herman -4 months ago

      Marching with Hamas supporters is supporting Hamas. Meeting with the Iranian regime which calls for wiping Israel off the map and is behind the terrorists themselves is an endorsement of terror. You are splitting hairs. Besides the point that the quote and quote Palestinian state is based on Jew hatred. Look at its founders and see the Jewish blood on their hands. How can one even try to excuse people who meet and march with them be they Hamas or Fatah or Black September or PFLP or Islamic Jihad. 

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  • A

    Ariel -4 months ago

    Dear Rabbi YY,

    With the chinuch of mussar and IFS ingrained in me, I see the purity and goodness of every Jew - and truly in every person. While other healthcare workers speak negatively about the cursing or screaming patient in our psychiatry unit in the hospital, I ALWAYS walk in the room thinking "I am about to see a holy person who is in pain - and I am listening with a non-judgemental ear, trying my best to enter their world, and experience the pain they've been through". And I consistently bring to the surface a pure, special, kind, good person, who simply had suffered so much pain, abuse, and trauma. This is the way I live my life - seeing goodness and purity in every person.

    I have never commented on this site, even though I listen to you every single day and consider you my Rebbe.

    But I went to sleep with anger and with hope up in sadness after listening to this recording. I just couldn't see the goodness and purity...You were disrespected in this audio and the victims/families of October 7th were disgraced. The responses were not in the realm of דן לכף זכות but in the realm of AGENDA - it seemed as though the person was doing whatever he possibly could to support those supporting the murderers and רודפים. "Maybe we should support נטורי קרטא because then people will think twice about hurting Jews?". Unfathomable words. I don't send hamas money and weapons so that they like me - why is public support any different?

    It brought me back to the confusion of October 7th. I am so confused and in pain - that someone with payes could speak such words. (Perhaps his payes weren't actually cut off by the screen - but this was some AI generated video by hamas - and that represented a glitch? I am half joking - but you understand my point.)

    I have been so down since the recording - you were disrespected; my sweet cousin Yonasan who sang קה אכסוף on Shabbos which such tremendous dveykus and was murdered on October 7th after running into Gaza to save yidden was disgraced. This recording taints your pure and holy website...

    If you have anything to say, I would tremendously appreciate it - but I understand you are busy and I have no expectations.

    הצלחה רבה with all of your holy work - may all Jews love people as much as you do.

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    • D

      David -4 months ago

      Please dont be upset. I am almost sure that Jake Turx was playing devils advocate for the camera. He even mentioned that this is not his true opinion.

      But yes, it is unclear to me why he would want to be so combative against the Rabbi

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Rabbi YY on "Talkline With Zev Brenner"

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • December 31, 2023
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  • 19 Tevet 5784
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