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Of Sticks and Snakes

Hold On To Your Serpent and the Fear Will Fade

54 min

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Of Sticks and Snakes- Hold On To Your Serpent and the Fear Will Fade

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  • TB

    Tuvia Bolton -11 years ago

    Moshe, Mordechi and the Rebbe
    Thank you for the excellent essay. But I think the point should be made that in addition to the essential connection of the Jews to HaShem and His Torah that saved them from Haman, the Midrash you brought gives an additional answer (or perhaps the main answer) with the sentence from Psalms:   

    "were it not that Moses, His chosen one, stood before Him in the breach to return His wrath from destroying,’

    Namely that Moshe saved them. and w/out Moses things would have turned out (G-d forbid) differently. So too Mordechi v.s. Haman and today the Rebbe v.s. Persia and all our enemies.

    Moshiach NOW!


    Tuvia Bolton

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  • N

    NDN -11 years ago

    physical/spiritual destruction
    I was also surprised to learn that in fact, the decree only applied to Jews who remained Jews.  However, they had the option of converting and escaping the decree.  The amazing thing is that not one single Jew gave up on being a Jew!!!  The Rebbe, in a Sicha, compared Haman to Hitler, and explains why Hitler did not give the Jews the choice abandon Judaism.  Our neshamas were in such a state of concealement that unfortunately, many Jews would have converted. However our essence Neshama always remains faithful and every Jew who died in the Holacaust is considered to have died al kiddush Hashem and earned a high place in Olom Haba.

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  • AN

    Adam Neira -11 years ago

    The People of the Holy Land and Persia.
    An interesting article. I spent a few minutes reading it. But I was waiting for the punch line. i.e. What does the author think is the optimal solution to the Iran/West imbroglio ?

    P.S. Recently Google scientists discovered that a Rubik's Cub can always be solved in twenty moves no matter how diabolical the configuration if the right algorithm is in place. They call this the "G-d Algorithm".

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  • A

    anonymous -12 years ago

    The decree
    Could it also be that the reason the Children of Israel cannot be destroyed...even by HaShem... is because of the prayer Moses said on behalf of Israel... and it was then.. "locked" into ... existence or place... forever?  HaShem reconsidered and then it was so!

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  • M

    menachem -12 years ago

    footnote links need fixing
    the footnote links are still referencing a document on a computer instead of the webpage. They need to be fixed.

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