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Basi L'Gani 5715 -- Shiur 1

What Is Faith? How Do You Know If You Are in a Cult?

Class Summary:

This class is a textual study of the original Basi Legani 5710 discourse by the Rebbe ch. 5, that this series will be based on.

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  • E

    Elie -9 years ago

    Rabbi J, can you please post a link or the name of the NYT article you mentioned about science today revealing HKB"Hs creation. Yasher Koach, as always, the best shiurim from R YYJ !

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  • N

    Nuchem -9 years ago

    here is a question i asked rabbi Jacobson, and the answer about Emuneh

    The Question:

    I have one question on amineh
    From where comes the concept of amineh peshuta not to dig in and explore these topics
    Where does it come from
    When did it started
    And what U think if it's right or wrong

    really bothers me seeing people that have no clue what's going on but
    when u start talking about God and amineh first respond is we don't do
    these things we have amineh peshutah

    Answer of Rabbi Jacobson:

    many hundreds of years this has been a debate in Jewish history. In the
    13th and 14th century there was, for example, a raging debate between
    two trends in the Jewish community, particularly the Jews from Spain vs.
    the Jews from Germany. The former delved into philosophy, the latter
    shunned it. It is a well known chapter in our history. The Ashkenazim
    often stressed the need for emunah -- the simple conviction and faith in
    Hashem and His Torah.

    This is not the place to elaborate so much on the topic, but I do want to state this:

    Peshtah, in its purest form, is now inferior to philosophy; it
    transcends it. Sure, there is an emunah that is cult-like,
    unintelligent, blind and threatened by any rational exchange of ideas.
    But that is not the "emunah peshutah" of Yidishkeit. Emunah Peshutah is
    the emunah that is far deeper and more real than intellect, stemming
    from the soul of the Jew which "sees" and "experiences" the reality of
    the Divine, since the soul is essentially a "fragment of the Divine."

    Midrash Rabah states on the verse "a fool believes everything" -- that
    it refers to Moshe. How can we say this? Because in relation to the
    Divine essence, even Moshe is a "fool," in the sense that logic and
    brilliance will not get him any closer to touch and experience that
    truth. This is where emunah comes in.

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  • Y

    Yitzchok -9 years ago

    There is a negative command to learn avodah Zara, so we are concerned about learning intellect

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