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Basi L'Gani 5715 -- Shiur 3

Marriage? You Got to Be Nuts!

1 hr 36 min

Class Summary:

The Rebbe continues the Mammar with explaining why we dance at weddings, and what it takes to create a successful marriage. Then it goes on to explain to forms of knowledge -- positive knowledge and enlightened ignorance

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  • S

    SDB -9 years ago

    The Nusach in the alter Rebbe's Siddur is Samach Tesamach (with a Patach) not Sameach Tesamach (with a Tzeirei). As you mention that the Alter Rebbe was very meticulous with the words and nekudos.

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  • Y

    YG -9 years ago

    Perhaps תוארים שלילים could be translated as describing the abstract element of something similar to what you said - what it is not...

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