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Two Men Kissed G-d and Gave Judaism Its Soul: Likuttei Sichos Acharei Mos/Shmini

How Nadav and Avihu Elevated Judaism from a Contractual Agreement to an Intimate Relationship

1 hr 32 min

Class Summary:

This text-based class, a Sicha of the Lubavitcher Rebbe (Likkutei Sichos vol. 32 Acharei Mos), explains why the death of the sons of Ahron is the prelude to the laws of Yom Kippur. Most commentaries view their death as a punishment for sin. The Ohr HaChaim, however, views the story in a different light. As it turns out, it was their act that gave Judaism its passion and depth. Is Judaism only about a contractual relationship, or does it embody the intimate oneness between a soul and its maker?

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  • BDK

    Baruch David Kaufman -3 years ago

    Most inspiring. Thank  you.

    Please clarify how this is fits with the 7 opinions in חז"ל who identify sins as cause for their deaths. 

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    • I

      Isaac -3 years ago

      This is the deeper meaning behind all of their insights into their sin, as explained at length in Likkutei sichos vol. 3 Parshas Shmini and Acharei Mos. Likkutei Sichos vol. 27 Acharei Mos. And the footnotes to this very sicha we have here. See also Or Hachaim beginning of Parshas Acharei Mos.

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  • DB

    Dovid Birk -8 years ago

    Rabbi, what is the source from the Rebbe's talks/teachings where he explains the 3 levels of relationships - as you mentioned in this class - and it's connection to Halacha M'De'Oiraysa, M'De'Rabbanan and Minhag?
    Meaning - ouright obedience, picking up on hints and anticipating the needs of the partner.

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    • RYJ

      Rabbi YY Jacobson -8 years ago

      I heard it from my brother Simon, who told me he heard it from Rabbi Posner (Rabbi Zalman z"l or perhaps his brother Reb Leibel shlita), who heard it from the Rebbe yet during the lifetime of the Rebbe Rayatz.

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Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • April 21, 2015
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  • 2 Iyyar 5775
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Dedicated by David Schottenstein in honor of his wife Eda

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