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Day #3: Why Was Chanukah Ignored in the Mishnah?

The Enigma behind the Missing Festival

7 min

Class Summary:

The third episode of our Chanukah 5778, a video a day series.

Why Was Chanukah Ignored in the Mishnah? by Rabbi YY Jacobson.

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  • G

    Gabriel -5 years ago

    That's why, no matter how off the Jew is, he usually lights a menorah next to his x-mas tree.

    Did you ever notice that all jews will light but not all will fast on yom kippur? theres something special about chanukah. a goy in my office told me "isnt canukah one of your main holidays?" even the goyim think its the main one! there's something just so special about chanukah.

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  • Anonymous -6 years ago


    if i may, besides a scholar answer.... one simply looks at our generation, lots of people don't keep shaabos but hanuka is somehow '' cultural " acceptable, and for whatever reason still kept (probebly not always for kosher reasons, near to some other festival...) but still..... .

    I'll be happy to read a more books based answer... for pessach too.

    shabbat shalom, hanuka sameah

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  • SG

    Simon Gabay -6 years ago



    So why is there a tractate of shabat , isnt that also part if the jewish nation that diesnt need to be reminded ?

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    • Anonymous -6 years ago

       if it's anything like today's Times, almost every Jewish Home is involved with Hanukkah, but only a small minority actually keep Shabbos. and even amongst the ones that do keep Shabbos Many of them are not really proficient in the laws. Not so with Hanukkah. Even many of the incredibly secular light candles correctly.

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    • Anonymous -6 years ago

      I think the answer to your question is,

      The intricacy of the laws. The shabbos laws are far more complex than those of Chanuka. The Shabbos laws, therefore, required documenting in The Mishna lest they be forgotton or remembered incorrectly.

      Chanuka Sameach

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Chanukah 5778 -- a video a day

Rabbi YY Jacobson

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