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The Power of Now

"A Person Never Finds Himself in a Situation"

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Class Summary:

This women's class was presented on Tuesday Parshas Ki Savo, 17 Elul, August 28, 2018, Ohr Chaim, Monsey, NY


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  • D

    David -1 year ago

    Wow wow wow I'm speechless thank you so much

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  • Anonymous -3 years ago



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  • Anonymous -4 years ago

    The word Atah is also used in parsha veetchanan, when it says" veatah, lama lo namoot, kee tochleinu ha aish hagrola hazot. What does it mean there?  "And now, why don't we die , why doesn't this big fire  consume us?"

    Does atah also mean repentance?

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    • Anonymous -4 years ago

      Perhaps. I need to research it. Thanks.

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      • Anonymous -2 years ago

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  • Anonymous -5 years ago

    about your shiur of "ועתה!", you mentioned that the power of now is even with all the situations that a person was brought into this world - situations of which we didn't really have the ability to choose from. 
    אז חשבתי להוסיף שאכן הרמז של תשובה הוא דווקא על המלה "ועתה" עם ו' ולא "עתה" גרידא. ו' מוסיף על הראשונים. לא משנה מה הו' כולל, עדיין יש לאדם הכח של מעתה.


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  • ZZ

    Ziporah Zien -5 years ago

    Dear Rabbi Jacobson,

    Atah, with an ayin .  NOW!  Wow!  What an inspiring lecture and the interpretation of 'now' by the sources you quote, which indicates that this word is the opening of Teshuvah which Hashem has prepared for Adam and Chavah after the Chet.  

    It led me to an insight which seems to fit in, I stand to be corrected if I have extrapolated too much, but it seems to tie in with an idea that I learned from Rabbi Ezriel Tauber, shlit"a.  when Hashem said "Tov Meod" at the end of Creation, the Meod is the word for Adam turned inside out and it is man's job to correct himself to earn merit for Olam Haba and not to receive Lechem Oni.  This new condition which causes man to strive is not just 'tov' as the creation of water or the creation of ... but here it is termed 'Tov Me'od' . This statement was uttered by the Cre-ator after Adam and Chavah had sinned.

    How could 'now' in this first appearance of the word עתה possibly mean Teshuvah?

    When someone sets up a new system for ordering a new product what is it they write or say in their ads?  ' And NOW, you can enjoy....'.  So in this first appearance in Breishis, Hashem set up this new opportunity, which was necessitated in the aftermath of the sin, for without the sin there would have been no need for Teshuvah.  

    The thought continues, 'and now they may eat of the Tree of Life and live forever!'    

    'And now' a new deal is being presented, that offers them the opportunity to move on into the natural, physical world,  עולם הזה , and to look for, discover the Tree of Life which is the Torah, in order to merit living forever in עולם הבא, the next world or on a spiritual plane.  Actually our lives now are also a part of Eternity, No?

    Rabbi Jacobson, you have just proven that Madison Avenue imitates Hashem's strategy, albeit for the wrong purpose.

    Rabbi Jacobson, may you and your wife be blessed abundantly for her part in your portion.  Thank her from all of us!  Please do it!  

    What a blessing it is for us to have your invigorating and insightful, essential and important messages available on Torah anytime.  May they generate genuine Teshuvah in all Yidden everywhere, both on the physical plane, as they hear your שעורים, and on the spiritual plane, as those who hear your words impact the world with their heightened prayers and learning.

    Now we can add to the spatial (special) motto of my husband's life, 'You are here', the temporal take on the same idea, 'You are NOW!' 

    In addition we understand the most important message, 'You are here now for Teshuvah!'  


    The wife of a Ba'al Tokeah who has made it his life's work to master such ideas. May we all merit to take advantage of the opportunity offered, now!

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