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Day #8: We Are One

A Tale of Two Prisoners

4 min

Class Summary:

The eighth episode of our Chanukah 5779/2018, a video a day series.

We Are One by Rabbi YY Jacobson

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  • Anonymous -5 years ago

    Josh H

    Thank You Rabbi YY Jaconson and theYehsiva.net staff for continuing to produce these beautiful, pertinent lessons and thoughts to inspire and incite us to better ourselves, our communities and to influence those in our circles.

    Your efforts are gratefully appreciated and deserve tremendous acknowledgement.

    May Hashem bless you all with only revealed blessing from "His full and Open hand."


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  • Y

    Yael -5 years ago

    This one brought me to tears 
    Are we one 
    Bnei Israel 
    Bali bnei brack
    So many
    Are we treated as one
    Or do some see one better than the other 
    How do we egnore the person’s thoughts about you
    G-D says we are one
    But people say differently 

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    • H

      Hershel -4 years ago

      We are one

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  • Anonymous -5 years ago

    Yasher Koach!

    These vignettes have been beautiful. Poignant and touching. They have enhanced my Chanukah. Thank you.

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