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The Mantra of Judaism: I Am Holy

G-d Says: "You Can Be Like Me!"

1 hr 22 min

Class Summary:

This women's class was presented on Tuesday Parshas Kedoshim, 2 Iyar, 5779, May 7, 2019 at the Ohr Chaim Shul, Monsey, NY

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  • Anonymous -1 year ago


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  • M

    Mooky -4 years ago

    Good morning to you.  Trusting that all is well with you and the family.

    We (the filing cabinet and spaghetti – that part of the shir was hilarious and I forwarded it to many lonely people, which put some sunshine into their day) would like to take the time to write and give you feedback concerning your shiurim and the one we listened to last night “I matter, when our dignity is gone, we fall apart”

    There are so many things we would like to say, but will stick with the main points.

    The unbelievable high niveau of English – is music to the ears

    The depth of the thoughts you bring just are so uplifting and one enters a whole, new, different world – is music to the neshomo  The ideas you bring are so alternative and beautiful.

    The tzniyusdige way in which you discuss subjects that may not always be so comfortable

    And last but not least – the whole shir is laced with such wonderful humor. It is so easy to hear the harder (mussardige) part of the shir, because you always humanize it and as a good mechanech/godol does, speak about yourself when presenting something we need to hear.

    These shiurim are, lehavdil, like going to a wonderful and beautiful classical music concert.  It just all comes together and one leaves the shir with a suitcase full of ruchniyus and so much food for thought.

    As am American living here,  it is a virtual midbar on a spiritual level, whilst the standard of living is unbelievable.  But my neshomo thirsts for ruchniyus and it is not to be found here, so that your shiurim give me (my husband gains much as well) the water I need to nurture the neshomo.  It is an immense chesed.  Thank you.

    Did anyone in the audience chap that “(The) Rolling Stones” was once a very popular singer group?  But that was so long ago and the audience seemed to be young.

    Am I right in thinking that you wrote the Rebbe’s z“tzl shiurim down after Shabbos?  The Eibershte certainly gave you great gifts and kishroinois and you are certainly doing justice to the Rebbe and giving the Eibershte much nachas ruach and reasons to leave you here amongst us.  The zechus should stand by you and your family and may the Eibershte continue to hold his hand over you and give you all the Siyata Dishmaya you need, especially in reaching the klall. 

    You don’t need to give yourself a 12 minute standing ovation, we just did that for you, but it took longer than 12 minutes to write the mail. J

    “Spaghetti” has a question:

    Where are machshovos generated?  Are thoughts a result of our experiences in life, or are they coming from Hashem and the soton (yetzer horah) gets to give his input as well?

    Or am I totally on the wrong track?

    Kol tuv, sei gesundt and wishing you the best of health and hatzlocho,

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  • S

    Shia -5 years ago

    I heard the lecture you gave on פרשת קדושים , and by the end someone asks you a question, but you didn't really answer his question, if I may say I have an answer for you.

    If a man is gaining pounds what happend to him? he is getting big'er, the is to god and us, קודשה בריך הוא, וישראל חד הוא so if i am getting holy'er god is getting holy'er , and if i am going down , he is coming down with me. 
    Thanks for your lecture its very inspiring.

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  • S

    Shaindy -5 years ago

    I loved the class today! Totally exactly what I needed to hear. Resonated deeply.
    Had a thought throughout that I wanted to share/ask about.
    “You will be holy...” future tense, “for I am holy” in the present tense. Maybe it’s as simple as this: man's holiness is somehow time-bound - being that he is human. And G-ds holiness is “ever present.”
    Perhaps it is due to the fact that we need to choose to be holy and that by definition is future tense.  But what about the intrinsic holiness that is within - that is “like G-d's” and is also ever-present?
    I have a notion that what is being offered to us in this statement is a description of holiness that is two-fold and unlike (and in certain ways) is loftier than G-d's (or the Malachim for that matter). In the first half HaShem is offering us the holiness of a journey. A journey that we can choose to embrace or not. And by practicing a “holiness” that is one of movement in time and space we get the second half of the statement - to know the holiness of HaShem - which is present moment holiness - the holiness of stillness.
    The “journey,” the movement holiness carries us into the stillness of Hashems “type” of holiness - present moment.
    I think the statement reads sort of like: When you understand and embrace and live the holiness of your journey, "ki kadosh ani," “ki - that” will open up the truth and experience of “My holiness” - that you are defined by HaShem in every “present” moment of life. And that is truly living in His presence.
    I would love to know your thoughts on this idea ...of being gifted the holiness that is derived uniquely in “the process” as well as the holiness of “presence w h-Shem in the moment”.
    Similar to the idea  “bacharta bchaim lmaan tichye” - choose life “in process” in order to have “infinite life.”
    Thank you for being a source of inspiration and healing!

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  • Anonymous -5 years ago

    Hi firstly thank you for a beautiful class. is there a source sheet for this class available.

    Much thanks

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  • M

    Madeleine -5 years ago


    Rabbi Jacobson,

    What would be the purpose of being “Holy”and why would it be necessary ?

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  • Anonymous -5 years ago


    האם באמת אם אני חושב שאני קדוש לא אעשה שום טעיות ולא יהיה לי שום ירידות

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  • H

    Hindel -5 years ago

    Geulah Consciousness

    Beautiful class today.

    I will repeat to myself that mantra many times a day...

    In the end we are not separate we are parts of God scattered all over. When we recognize that truth, we become reunited and united back with Him.

    Nothing exist outside of Him, we only exist as part of Him. Our work is to recognize that, lesaken Oilom.

    I guess when we are all gathered back into God again, it’s Moshiach.

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  • Y

    Yehuda -5 years ago

    Ki Kodosh Oni

    Wonderful as usual. One point. There is a Zakef Koton on the word Kodosh, which has a pause after it. So the Pasuk reads, Be holy, because of holiness. I am Hashem your G-d.

    I explained the verse like this: Be holy! i.e. Behave with holiness. Why? Because of holiness, because in essence you are holy! I am Hashem your G-d. Either I am Hashem who can pay you for your holy behavior. Or, I can distinguish between real holy behavior and 'acting' holy for other reasons.

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Women's Kedoshim Class

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • May 7, 2019
  • |
  • 2 Iyyar 5779
  • |

Dedicated anonymously in loving memory of Lori Kaye of Poway, Ca.

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