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He Is Burning? Reb Chaikel Is Burning Inside of Him

Are you Filling Your Void, Or Distracting Yourself From the Pain of Your Void?

58 min

Class Summary:

This class was streamed live from Rabbi Jacobson's house in Monsey, NY on Thursday , Parshas Vayakhel-Pekudei, 23 Adar, 5780, March 19, 2020

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  • M

    michael -3 years ago

    Have been watching the videos and trying to keep up with you and the RaSHaB.. All of us, during this crisis, have been turning inward , re-assessing our life priorities, re-examining our most closely treasured values, and re-visiting our life choices. Like many a tortured soul, I am asking myself -  with life suddenly appearing so unpredictable, so very fragile and tenuous- what is it really that matters most to me, AND... what of my life's work suddenly feels frighteningly incomplete and unfinished

    .The internal demons ... the self doubts,  the concern that perhaps I have missed the boat, that there is much I could be doing differently,  much energy that could be channeled to pursuits more aligned with the life mission that the RBSO had in mind for me.

    The struggle with our internal demons is deeply conveyed in this Ma'amar, and again brings to mind the story you have told us about John Nash, and that signal moment when he succeeded in 'compartmentalizing' his internal struggles lest they overtake his entire persona.

    So, thank you;  the Ma'amar, while likely selected for its  pre-Pesach content ,  is in fact mostly timely for us absorb, internalize, and contemplate at this unparalleled moment. 

    Thank you, also for the "public service" video about Corona Virus and the reckless indifference or apathy of much of the frum community. Enough said, we corresponded about this last week, hoping  your words will have an impact !

    And finally, thank you so much  for the beautiful words of dedication and warmth in dedicating the shiur to the memory of my wife's mother on the VERY day of the first yartzheit. She and I --as well as her siblings --were deeply touched and remain eternally grateful.

    Looking forward to seeing you in a more direct  'V'Hayu Einecha Ro'os es More'cha'  fashion in the near future.

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  • A

    Aharon -4 years ago

    Look at 2nd ½ of story of R Yerucham children’s

    Meshech chochmah KI Sissa:   Moshe broke the luchos –

    Class follows:   Rashi:  Moshe was blessing them indiv’ly, not just thanking them.  6 mos after work was done.  Includes himself also “aleynu” – 11 tefilla l’Moshe -    Moshe  & Aharon bless the Yidden in parshas pekudai see Rashi

    Medrash techuma pekudai:   if it’s not going to be erected by you Moshe, it won’t be erected – at least you’ll do the end work of erection

     Rebbe:  Moshe had to daven for the people – only then can the schechina be manifested in the mishkan

    Bring mishkan to Moshe – ambassador of light love hope

    Rebbe:  sam sah’pashnit – once in Russia a goy peasant a thief, tefillen stole them, sell and make $.  Jew comes by shows tefillen, “where did u get this pair?  Sam sah’pashnit”   I am a shoemaker   I know how to make it! 

    Got to bring mishkan to Moshe and have him bless you - helps you   connect to the divine within – to bring out in each Jew their H’liness and G-dliness

    Mechilta  #12:  believe in H’ and Moshe his servant – had no ego – anochi mah – no delusion that he is outside of G-d – conduit

    Zohar in Shmos – 3 x go to see the face of the master G-d   “who is the face of the master, R Shimon b Yochai – doesn’t sound like Judaism – Yerushalmi bekorim:    in Ceasarea

    No corruption, manipulation, politics – if no ego

    Orbit of own existence – only safe ship in the harbor -

    Questions:  infinity has many levels also

    Kotzker:   Torah made fr aveiras of Jews in the midbar, it won’t be written by your mitzvos

    “connected w/a Rebbe” what does it mean? 

    Max Planck – I don’t see consciousness as a derivative of matter, I see matter as a derivative of consciousness.    Ie my “I”s define this as reality

    Deeper and deeper place – root cause – real healing comes fr there – chochom sees all as devar H’ and can see the dysfx’l root and heal it

    Physical manisfest’n of spiritual – learn & do mitzvos has practical impact on the world –

    Reb Chanina b Dosa –spoke to vinegar, saw the divinity in it

    Kotzker  Shlomo Hamelech - eruvin and yetilas yedayim – why is this the chochmah of Shlomo -           clean hands, pure, not in toxicity

              Eruvin – mixing – opposite of clean hands 

               Trick is to combine both together

    Rebbe:  why greatest chazal juggled at simchas bais shoeva – torch up and down, up and down – connect to place above and connect to place below

    Listen to radio – FM – sweet world of music, no problems    AM – world coming to an end, always issues

              AM people and FM people – sometimes married to each other

              Got to be able to juggle, be present, switch am to fm,

    Go to a chochom - in each dor there’s a Moshe – each Yid also has it inside him/her

    How do you know who this person is?   If u really want to know , H’ will help you. 

    ‘Tzaras chasidim’ – only came when a problem

              How does one connect to a Rebbe –learn his Torah and his directives and follow his path – internalize it – not academic rather bring it to life – become a true conduit for the light –

    BHTanya:  1786 letter fr R Mendel fr Vitebsk    quarantined in tiberia during plague

    Afte tzadik passes, his energy is infinite

    Story:   Mendel Futerfass in Siberia Gulag – cultured people there, a lot of interesting – skilled bear hunter – not easy cuz such thick skin, have to wait for hibernation period, at end their skinny and search for seals, then can get them w/an arrow – but if u go into the cave you’re in trouble – send puppies into the cave, tickle the bear and they’d come out, shot bet/eyes .   R Mendel – not going to become a bear hunter, what’s the lesson – sometimes we think we do all the work, rather be like little puppies and let the bear see the light of day then let the real hunter finish the job – we gotta do our work and then go to the Rebbe to finish – bring the finished mishkan to Moshe

    All the bros were binding sheaves – Yosephs stands up and they all bow down -  BHT – all shevativm united the world and they thgt it was it – but step 2 – had to bow to Yosef – bitul of a indiv’l , take my world and  unify it          Yosef – a diff soul – “alumosaf” – bow down to his silence, don’t bow to someone that’s making noise ie yashis – Yosef had only a oneness with infinity –

              Birur shani after birur rishon – heard fr Avraham the Malach

    Anochi – 1st word in 10 commdmnts – roshei taivos for ….

    Refuel Houseman   Shmuel        Nachum Fried 

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  • A

    Aharon -4 years ago

    Torah – niglah and nimshal to ain sof

    Concrete halacha and spiritual counterpart            body and soul

    3 avadim:  

    Eved Caanani   - Chazal:  didn’t hire an worker, hired a boss –

     laws so strict – eved gets better food blanket, pillow

    Eved Ivri     6 yr contract

    Amah Ivri      6 yr contract

    2 levels of consciousness – nefesh Elokis & nefesh behamis (not allowed to harm animal, halachos re; it)

    Sig Freud – only one level

    Some err & ask “what’s wrong with me?” -  send soldier to front lines, send dr to hospital to help

    Soul came down to help and refine the nf’b  

    Birur & tikun – cuz you’re good

    Atzilus – hi’est, 1st universe of H’      100% oneness w/H”    all souls come from there       100% refined fr the ultimate refinement      why did it have to be refined?       Every soul is in atzilus – no matter what each day – don’t think you’re a liar

    Chida Spain   1800’s     diff nusach      “she is still pure   instead    should say  ‘ you have given me a pure soul”             Sidder has 1st nusach.   Cuz can say in morn can say modeh    “tahara hi”    world of atzilus     divine light in this world      nefesh elokis

    World of chaos – nekdos were fragmented    came fr that olam ha tikun

    Nefesh behaimah – beast emotions – how incredible animals are

    What the eyes are able to see.

    Atzilus – oneness

    Beria – separation

    One who has a bigger nefesh behaimah = more tools

    “Modeh ani – perhaps we can repeat it cuz it doesn’t use H’s name

    Each man has diff nef beh -  one who conquers    should have said evil inclination -    no what makes powerful is one who can overcome his own  - “kodesh es yitzroh”

    What is main avoda?   Where you see the most resistance

    Rashab:   tikkun of neshamos – why still need to accomplish – how know? – if easier us’ly already tikun, if very diff/obstacles us’ly sign this is imp’t mission in life – pushback – this is where I need to go!   Doing something right!  That’s why it’s there. 

    Story : diamond cutter/dealer came yrly for ytov to R Rashab    best diamond, give to Rebbe for his tzedekas.   R Monye Munyinson, ehrilicha Yid, chashuv, refined, stature.   Came to yechidus  1920 his. in Rostov on Dan River.  Simple yid w/rebbe fro long time, left, then R Munyinson went for a short time and left.   Felt bad a bit – don’t hold grudge, after Ytov shared w/Rebbe.  Silent.  Yechidus over, takes out diamonds – pts to Rebbe, “this is something special”   gave value of $,   Rebbe – icks up, examining “I don’t see the dazziling beatuty”      pts out qualities of the diamond     unique properties     rebe scrutizinies, I don’t see        youneed to be an expert, what can I tell you.       Rebbe   when one understands a neshama one also has to be an expert, you may be lacking some knowledge – got to theknow the neshamea of the person ie tahara hi

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  • TG

    tzipi glick -4 years ago

    What a story !!!!

    I Love when you tell stories of the Alter Rebbe. This whole shiur is touching me very deeply. Your delivery is excellent!!!

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  • A

    Aharon -4 years ago

    Interesting that the Alter Rebbe is emphasizing the hisaskus & hislapshus within the person and others had more of a strong Rebbe and the chasid was inspired thru the Rebbe. Interesting that a true Chabad Chasid shows the strength of both of these - obviously working on the inner and yet getting incredible inspiration from the Rebbes (& others) how to accomplish this. I personally have got inspiration from many different Rebbes, teachers, friends, family, books etc etc Baruch HaShem  

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  • L

    Levi -4 years ago

    Wonderful initiative!

    Zei gebentched and may we share besuros tovos


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  • YR

    Yaakov Rosenthal -4 years ago


    Thank you!   Thank you for your giving.

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  • Anonymous -4 years ago


    Hi Rabbi

    So the discourse is saying that we need to run away not stay in the reality quote on quote but to face the problem and some times you need to run away 

    But how do j know if I'm not running away from fixing the problem 

    So I'm sad depressed feel trapped in my problems and I'm going to do and dance or drink does that mean running away to a solution or running away going deeper in the problem?

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  • RA

    Reb Aharon -4 years ago

    So nice to see you    Good Morning 

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Chassidus: Maamar Matzah Zu 5672 #3

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • March 19, 2020
  • |
  • 23 Adar 5780
  • |

Dedicated by the Zoltan’s,

L’Ilui Nishmas R’ Nuchem Binyomin Ben R’ Yitzchok Zoltan niftar 23 Adar II, 5759 in Bnei Brak. He was an expert in Sifrei Torah Restoration and saved many, many Sifrei Torah from geniza.

L’Ilui Nishmas Yehuda Baruch Ben Shachna, niftar 29 Adar II, 5779 in Maaleh Adumim. He was an expert and compassionate family physician known for his patience and devotion to the elderly. Yehi zichram Baruch. 

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