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Coping with Quarantine -- Experience A Real Davening

That Which Can’t Be Experienced Consciously, Is Also Trauma Free

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This class was presented on Wednesday Parshas Vayikra, 29 Adar, 5780, March 25, 2020, live from Rabbi Jacobson's home in Monsey, NY

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    Aharon -4 years ago

    Start 808 comments re: sit’n w/corona

    This is so imp’t to learn now in this time unnerving or calming – we are in the hands of G-d  - now go t deepest places of truth is calming –

    Pratim of day to day are imp’t – make lives lively happy meaningful accepting realities       not sweat small stuff      not freaking out    respect it, entertain it          island = neshama tahara hi

    815 davening suggestions

    Yismach lav b’vakshay H” -  doesn’t say have a rel’ship – so  after hodu cuz this is the search that is going on

    Malbim:  us when searching one is not happy, when u find one is happy and calm      yet here “the search itself is the destination”     search is divine  - in state of hodu there is m’vakash l’Hashem

    “Go to sleep crying wke up w/joy” – “turn grief into dance”  - take time in davening to pay att’n to words -     “ahavas olam…”

    819  review yesterday’s class        

    822 summation rather one needs to review themselves

    3 avadim:  didn’t hire an worker, really hired a boss – laws so strict – eved gets better food blanket, pillow   Seen in Mishpatim  B’har &  Re’eh

    34   eved wants hefkerus

    38  something detached from your self – yaishsis – divorced fr true yaish –

    Eved canaani  -  non-Jew fr pagans of avodah zarah – in US south, kill & lynch slaves – halacha a death penalty if kill EC – can’t do whatever one wants w/them – Shabbos wasn’t work for EC, sit’g in shul w/you!

    Eved Ivri - yr contract – 2 ways to buy if stole $ and can’t pay back max sentence 6 yrs – if wants can stay – money he makes pays back person he stole from          if one sells self if so poor and family so poor 6 yrs – get paid at end – has to support by owner during that time

    Encouraging learning Chumash & Rashi -  

    Amah Ivri -  6 yr contract –

    3 neshamos parallel   3 levels of servants

    this is eved caanani in avodah – “Chayai yechidim” – fear of the master – this is where u want to be – deepest values – don’t feel for it but keep coming back – afraid t go away cuz I’m going to lose my ultimate self – super-consciousness -  -   interest in hefkeruss yet an eved of H’ –  fear of losing self – prioirities   inner core    even tho now I’m not feeeling it      

    ohr penimi  - can be concealed    consciousness,  story about me that I tell me

    ohr makif – ohr that’s present even if don’t feel it, nothing can conceal it not aware of      “subconscious forces” – can be stronger than

    conscious – it sometimes has full control w/o any one stopping it cuz I’m not aware of it    leads to addiction   

         positive – no concealment nefesh – fulltime eved of jG-d – a very high thing – don’t belittle it – life is fx’l – in sync w/master yet w/ rebellion – eved cuz makifim are never concealed – not defined by the internal vessel – none of one’s toxicity can block it or obstruct it -  

    Person wants to run away fr their life but they don’t cuz of deep inner core. 

    849 – ex of man wanted t leave – bike in N Zealand for 6 yrs – makifim keeps one from showing up every day at work so to speak

    851            a ladder that we’re climbing 

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    Rochella -4 years ago

    Wow, in this maimar the Rebbe is telling me that God will never abandon me, I’m never alone.
    No matter what choices I made, or in what abyss of hopelessness I find myself, in spite of it all I’m always being held and embraced in the arms of Ein Soif. Even when I abandon and lose myself in the toxicity of the world I can never lose God and He will never abandon me to my fate. As long as I exist the Divine exists within me. There is nothing that can ever sever that connection of oneness.
    Even when we try to sever that relationship and leave, God comes along. He is there with us through thick and thin....and so is His unconditional love, empathy and compassion.
    I just need to tune into the “God frequency” and I’ll realize that in reality I was never anywhere else....

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  • Anonymous -4 years ago

    Reminds me of rabenu tam days of love and days of hate. The days of hate are the days of "eved knaany."

    He tells us not to give up hope during this time and to hold on strong until the days of hate pass. This mammar sheds light another way to get through these days.

    To look back on the days of love and our core values of who we truly are and what we really want to accomplish and let the or makif expand and penetrate into our pnimius freeing us of the state of eved "knaany" to realize we are sons of the divine whose love is without limits and desires every little bit of avoida we can give him.

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    Aharon -4 years ago

    I know Reb YY likes to learn out loud.  Perhaps make some more (loose) shirim when Reb would like to teach ie learn aloud - Rambam  Chumash    other chasidis   -  a Breslov Torah - other inyanim       chazak v'baruch    

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    Aharon -4 years ago

    Pintele Yid we all have

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    Aharon -4 years ago

    Dr Michel -    i'm right there with alot of others on those lower rungs yet we are climbing together!

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  • RA

    R Aharon -4 years ago

    Please some tools to improve davening?   exs   -   read words,     point w/finger     sing out loud         take breaths between paragraphgs       take breaths between words          sing out even louder        don't be concerned about bothering others           bother H' and ask for Moshiach today now      stand and sing even louder and with more attention paid to the words          stop and then continue slower     what's the rush, where do I have to go       daven for others      

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Chassidus: Maamar Matzah Zu 5672 #7

Rabbi YY Jacobson

  • March 25, 2020
  • |
  • 29 Adar 5780
  • |

Dedicated by David Philipp

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