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Ayin Beis -- #17: Geometric Sefiros

Maamar 8 Chapter 29-31

59 min

Class Summary:

Ayin Beis -- #17: Geometric Sefiros. Maamar 8 Chapter 29-31

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  • RLW

    Rabbi L. Wineberg -11 years ago

    Techiyas Hamaysim
    Yossi: You may recall the story of R. Leib of Turkish Mogelev (known in e.y. as R. Leib ba'al yisurim, buried in Tzfas), mashpia appointed by the A.R., who said, in response to a newly-minted Chabad chosid lamenting the absence of moifsim in Chabad: What greater techiyas hamaysim can there be than when cold human intellect comes alive with G-dly hasogah.

    My suggestion to you: In Yechezkel  Hanovi's prohecy of techiyas hamaysim it says, "they arose and stood on their feet 'chayil godol m'od', a great multitude. So share your experience, and let "a great multitude" come alive with ayin beis. Ashrei chelkecho

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  • Y

    Yossi -11 years ago

    Thank You
    After a days work, Sitting down to a well presented shtikle from ayin beis. is tchhiyas hameisim. it helps you serve hashem and returns you to reality.

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  • CW

    cant wait! -11 years ago

    Can u do these more often??

    Hard to wait between shiurim!

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Levi Wineberg

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  • 9 Nisan 5773
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