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Ayin Beis -- #19: Middos Or "Me-dose"

Maamar 9 Chapter 33

54 min

Class Summary:

Ayin Beis -- #19: Middos Or "Me-dose?" Maamar 9 Chapter 33

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  • Y

    Yankel -11 years ago


    Dear R.Wineberg:


    We're following and listening to the class...trying to switch to perspective of "oved from atzilus".

    (1) Seems that maamar informs us about the existence of such view from atzilus....but we're left with HOW to brings us closer to such in our daily life. That road seems more open ended than the description of the upper realms.

    So the maamar informs, motivates, energizes - but how do we apply it day to day? Is the goal to have such a perspective in the broad areas of out lifes?

    (2) Just a comment: For us who only listen to the Audio (mp3) i had to listen a couple of times to the last words about the "tzitzis"...until i saw the video and saw you pointing to it. 

    (3) This shavuos will be ~1 year since you started this series. Thank you, Much hatzlacha and please know your audience is actively listening.

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  • RLW

    Rabbi L. Wineberg -11 years ago

    fan - tastic
    Thanks for the fantastic feedback, especially the "fan" part. Now send a question. ( see bava metzia 85, where R., Yochanan laments the passing of Reish Lakish, who would bombard  R. Yochanan with q's), by saying, (sort of) "now I get only fan mail".)

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    • A

      Anonymous -11 years ago

      Re: fan - tastic
      What difference does it make to us if the oros have sefiros, lifnei hatzimtzum? Is it just that it helps us understand how they are mislabesh into keilim or does it make a difference to our relationship with the aibershter on a whole?

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  • K

    kiv -11 years ago

    just fantastic!

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Levi Wineberg

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  • 5 Iyyar 5773
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