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Ayin Beis -- #24: Defining the "Aha!" Moment

Maamar 11 Chapter 41 - 42

47 min

Class Summary:

Ayin Beis -- #24: Defining the "Aha!" Moment. Maamar 11 Chapter 41 - 42

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    Yankel -10 years ago

    It feels like looking through a microscope inside Chochma...which makes my initial "axiomatic" understanding of chochma fly away - it was soo easy to repeat "chochma is wisdon". Ayin Beis is like chassidus re-visited, where all the previously learned concept are re-examined, zoomed-into...and re-understood.

    A master teach is a luxury added to a amazingly holi maamar.

    Thank you

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Levi Wineberg

  • June 12, 2013
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  • 4 Tamuz 5773
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